‘The Gargoyle of Gotham’ Will Introduce Little Joker

Batman: The Gargoyle of Gotham will introduce the aptly named Little Joker.

Rafael Grampá’s epic out-of-continuity series Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham plans to introduce a bunch of new entries into Batman’s rogues gallery. So far, this dark and disturbing series has given readers the Crytoon, MOTH-er, and the Virgin. All of whom have creepy looks and have demonstrated murderous fighting prowess.

Little Joker

However, this latest character, Little Joker, has an obvious connotation with Batman’s greatest foe. Additionally, he looks extra creepy since the character seems to be a murderous-looking child.

Creator Grampá will be using that creepy child trope to the maximum effect for Little Joker. He contrasts the character to the ultra-serious, but deadly Crytoon, who was introduced in issue one.

Crytoon is a character that has very little to laugh about. In Little Joker, he finally finds a twisted balance of evil in its purest form, and in the laughter of this sinister child.”

DC’s Solicitation for ‘Batman: The Gargoyle of Gotham’

Here’s DC’s official solicitation of the third issue.

In this acclaimed DC Black Label (17+) series, Grampá has introduced a nightmare-inducing lineup of new villains, including Crytoon, MOTH-er, and The Virgin. In this issue, Batman’s investigation takes him to the deadly lair of Doctorgeist – where his presence is not only expected… but welcomed. Batman will find help in a group of new heroes and their savage fight for the soul of Gotham – and for the soul of Bruce Wayne himself – will send shockwaves through the city from which it may never recover.

Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham #3 will feature variant covers by some of the industry’s top artistic talents; Jamie Hewlett, Frank Quitely, Bilquis Evely, and Pedro Cobiaco. The issue will hit comic shops on May 28, 2024.

To check out what Dark Knight News thought of the first two issues, click here and here.

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