McFarlane Toys New DC Super Powers Figures

McFarlane Toys has just released more figures for their DC Super Powers collection: Batman (Manga), Brainiac, Skull Ship, Kilowog, Blue Beetle, and The Bug. All are based on their 1980s appearances, and are bright and nostalgic, as they should be.

Written in the 1960’s, Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga Book, is a collection of stories following The Dark Knight and Robin as they fought against some of their strangest enemies.

It was during these fifty-three chapters that Lord Death Man was introduced and made a name for himself as being one of the funniest villains to ever face the Dynamic Duo. Grant Morrison brought the villain back and into mainstream continuity during his legendary Batman Incorporated run.

Translated into English forty years after the series concluded, these three manga books are fun and quirky and should definitely be read more.

Brainiac, a super-intelligent android from Colu, travels the universe in search of more knowledge. Shrinking cities down into bottle size for preservation, he stores these homes on his Skull Ship, armed with deadly tentacles and developed as an extension of its owner. After adding these cities to his collection, he then proceeds to destroy the worlds the cities have been plucked from and sets off to obtain more knowledge on another planter. It’s this same obsession, however, that has also been the genius’ downfall, but like a computer virus that cannot be purged, he keeps coming back again and again.

As Green Lantern Corps representative for Sector 674, Kilowog has an iconic cross of porcine and bull-doggish appearance. Once a brilliant geneticist on his home world of Bolovax Vik, Kilowog began training new recruits for the corps when the planet was destroyed. This pink alien is a beloved favorite of many Green Lantern fans.

Turning into his superhero persona by saying “Kaji Dha!”, Dan Garrett got this power during an archaeological dig when he stumbled across a mystical scarab in Egypt. The Bug, also called Beetle Ship, was created by Garrett’s successor, Ted Kord. Using old parts of automobiles and then later improved on by Kilowog of the Green Lanterns, The Bug helps the second Blue Beetle take down his enemies and travel safely as his flying headquarters.

DC Super Power Figures:

  • Continuing the legacy of the beloved DC SUPER POWERS line comes a brand new batch of your favorite heroes and villains.
  • Classic 4.5″ scale DC SUPER POWERS figure with articulation.
  • These figures are showcased in DC SUPER POWERS-themed blister card packaging.
  • Collect all McFARLANE TOYS DC SUPER POWERS figures and vehicles.

Pre-order today to avoid missing out on this deal and adding your favorite DC Super Power characters to your collection. 

Source: McFarlane Toys

Images and Press Release Courtesy of McFarlane Toys

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