Voice Actor Reflects on Damian Wayne Batman Video Game Cancellation

Voice actor Josh Keaton has reflected on the canceled Damiani Wayne Batman video game.

Initially, Warner Bros. Games Montréal began work on a Damian Wayne Batman game in 2016. Keaton was to star as the voice of adult-age Damian, who’s now the new Batman. However, sometime around 2019, the project was cancelled. The Warner Bros. Games Montréal team went on to create Gotham Knights instead.

On a Twitch livestream, Keaton was upfront about his feelings in regard to the cancellation. He also made the proclamation that various leaks killed the game.

“It was a bummer but they leaked everything. The whole plotline, not only the enemies and villains and the rogues gallery, but also the concept art for them. They were doing such a different take on so many of the rogues gallery it gave away everything that was different about the game. So, it kinda sucked. The leaks killed the project. The leaks totally killed the project.”

While Keaton’s feelings about the leaks dooming the game sound credible, that may not be the only case. According to Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, the Damian Wayne Batman game was not canceled because of the leaks, although he didn’t give an alternative explanation. Additionally, WB Games have never released any official reason, so the mystery may never be solved.

Damian Wayne Batman Video Game – a Post-Apocalyptic Gotham

The Damian Wayne Batman Video Game game had an interesting premise. The leaked concept art depicts a decrepit Gotham City, not unlike the infamous Batman #666 issue that also starred Damian as the Dark Knight. Amongst the concept art leaks included an old, bearded Bruce Wayne, Damian’s Batman Beyond-inspired costume, and a cool Bat-Cycle.

In the meantime, Rocksteady is about to release Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in February, which will feature Batman as a part of the Justice League.

Source: IGN.com

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