Review: Titans: Beast World #5

“Titans: Beast World” – Part Five
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artists: Ivan Reis, Eduardo Pansica, Danny Miki and Júlio Ferreira
Color Artist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Review by James Attias

Titans: Beast World #5 rubs the salt in the wound. It looks like Beast Boy’s been killed and Amanda Waller’s gloating on a global scale…

Ranting and Raven

Waller and her sinister new crew did the impossible last week, they pulled off one country-sized Task Force X brain bomb. They used Chester Runk to blow a hole in Beast Boy’s giant Starro-sized brain, although it feels like there’s a lot more going on here. Could this be a good or a bad thing?

When this event started (or any big DC event starts) It’s the biggest thing going on in the DC world. As the story goes on, it can either remain that important… OR it can turn into a set-up story for an even bigger event coming in the next year or two.

Amanda Waller’s plan in this story feels like it’s building to something right now. This is a little bit sad as it means this story, and Beast Boy’s sacrifice, will most likely only be mentioned in passing going forward, during the actual big event that will follow this. If any of that made sense to you, keep reading…

Ivan Reis returns in this wonderfully drawn, perfectly written comic. I should be ashamed of myself. I was starting to doubt Tom Taylor. Not much doubt, but a wisp, a muttered few words to myself after the last issue “I hope this pays off”. I should’ve known better as this issue is definitely setting up a huge finale.

Who IS Doctor Hate?

Raven’s hurting. As well as being an empath, she’s just lost the love of her life. In the old days she would have gone full daughter of Trigon and messed everyone up. In this situation though, we know who’s to blame, but the Titans are on the back foot. This means that she can’t just go full demon on Waller… yet.

The real culprit here is the awful Doctor Hate who’s been a pain in the multiversal butt since “Knight Terrors”. Who is this vile villain? I had theories about maybe an Earth 3 rogue, but this issue changes everything!


Titans: Beast World #5 is the spark that has lit the fuse to the explosive finale of this monstrous story! Shocks, horrors, and Waller. How will it all end?!

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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