New Trailer Drops For ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths- Part Two’

Warner Bros. has released the Crisis on Infinite Earths- Part Two trailer, and it promises more multiversal destruction and sacrifice.

The teaser shows a  brief snippet of the next movie in the Crisis trilogy of animated films. We get a glimpse of all of the Justice League in action. There’s also a high focus on Supergirl and the Monitor, which is especially interesting since… well that would spoil Crisis-Part One for some viewers.

A side-note, but Psycho Pirate’s design is way improved here because the animation team has added some creepy black lips to his mask. It really makes him look like a more menacing threat with just that small but simple design tweak.


‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ Bat-Family

However, bat fans might be the most interested in the shots of the Bat family assembling, as we get a tease of Batman, Batgirl, two Robins, Huntress, and Batwing. Perhaps the most exciting appearance of all is the inclusion of Batman Beyond.

Despite the Bat Family, this is likely not an iteration that current comics fans would be familiar with. One of the Robins is definitely Damian Wayne, however, the other Robin looks older and bulkier. Is this Earth-2 Robin, where Dick Grayson never became Nightwing? We also see Huntress in the line-up, but it’s highly possible that this isn’t Helena Bertinelli, but Helena Wayne-Kyle- the daughter of Earth-2’s Batman and Catwoman. It’s pretty awesome to see a multiversal Bat-Family, so one can only hope we’ll see more alternate versions of other DC characters.

Fans are left to speculate on what will happen in the next installment of the Crisis series. Given the comic book source material, it can go just about anywhere… nothing’s sacred with a crisis!

No formal release date has yet been set for Crisis on Infinite Earths- Part Two, however, fans can check out our review of Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths – Part One as it’s hit digital platforms already and will be released on physical media on January 23rd.


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