Sideshow Unleashes Three New Batman vs Batman Who Laughs Variant Statues

Sideshow Collectibles and Prime 1 Studios have teamed up once again to give us this stunning new Batman vs Batman Who Laughs Statues. Coming as Standard, Deluxe and Deluxe Bonus Versions, you’ll have trouble deciding which one to add to your collection.

Inspired by a Batman Who Laughs variant cover by David Finch, this model brings nightmares to life because Prime 1 have really outdone themselves. Again. Part of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Metalverse, Joker infected Batman on Earth -22, creating a monstrous The Batman Who Laughs. Depicting a fight between the supervillain and Batman who unknowingly released him from the Dark Multiverse.

Standing at a grand 26 inches talk, these two Batmen fight among bones and skeletons of the villains victims. Wearing a long leather tunic, fitted with belts, buckles and sharp spikes, everything about The Batman Who Laughs is dark and brutal. His distinctive, unsettling smile is highlighted by his pasty skin and the metal spiked halo covering his eyes as sharp bloodied claws slice at the hero in stead of Jokers beloved knives.

While Batman wears his iconic suit, damaged and cut, he’s somehow keeping his composure in the face of this twisted version of himself. It’s probably just another day in Gotham for him. Swinging with all his power at the laughing Batman-Joker hybrid, his muscular body is clear from almost every angle and his yellow utility belt is the only color to break up the mass of black, grey and red. Bats and bones fly about them as they fight.

The Deluxe Version includes two Batman interchangeable heads, one with a damaged cowl and open-mouthed, the other close-mouthed with his usual scowl. There’s also an extra The Batman Who Laughs head with a grotesquely open mouth. In the Deluxe Bonus Version, you get another head of horrors with a chilling The Batman Who Laughs open-mouthed smile. Every changeable skull comes with headstands to display with the statue.

Don’t miss out of adding this nightmare to your collection to scare guests away and pre-order one of the Batman vs Batman Who Laughs Figures at Sideshow Collectibles today.

What’s In The Box:

  • Statue Size approximately 26.4 inches tall [H:67cm W:50cm D:39cm]
  • Dark Multiverse-themed base
  • One (1) additional Batman Who Laughs head part [BONUS]
  • One (1) Batman Who Laughs head stand [BONUS]
  • Three (3) swappable Batman head parts [DELUXE]
  • Two (2) swappable Batman Who Laughs head parts [DELUXE]
  • Two (2) Batman head stands [DELUXE]
  • One (1) Batman Who Laughs head stand [DELUXE]

Source: Sideshow Collectibles

Images and Press Release Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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