McFarlane Toys Announces ‘The New Adventures of Batman’ Range

Holy Retro, Batman! Have a blast from the past with the newly announced McFarlane toys’ The New Adventures of Batman range. These action figures are based on the classic animated series released in 1977.

These 6” scale figures look classic, with plenty of detail, making them always interesting to look at and play with. Each one carries an accessory that their character can’t be without.

I haven’t seen a Batgirl action figure drop in so long, so I hope that those will be the first to sell out!

These are all must-own items for all die-hard fans of this vintage animated series and will be a huge addition for collectors.

If you’d like a blast from the past, below is a clip from the short-lived yet nostalgic The New Adventures of Batman series:

The New Adventures of Batman Action Figure Collection:

Batman (accessories include Batarang and Bat-Radio)

Robin (accessories include Batarang and Bat-Radio)

Batgirl (accessories include Batarang and Bat-cuffs)

Commissioner Gordon (accessories include Bat-Mite)

The Joker (includes Newspaper accessory)

The Riddler (includes Question Mark cane accessory)

Order Now direct from McFarlane Toys

Images and Press Release Courtesy of McFarlane Toys

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