Review: World’s Finest: Teen Titans #6

“Blitzkrieg” – Finale
Writer: Mark Waid
Artists: Emanuela Lupacchino, Mike Norton
Color Artist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Steve Wands
Review by Bryant Lucas

The Teen Titans square off against the Terror Titans, as World’s Finest: Teen Titans #6 brings the story to a close.

Last month we witnessed a stunning defeat for the Titans, as they were decisively overpowered by the formidable Terror Titans, a nefarious assemblage of supervillains under the leadership of Haywire. Once a hero, Haywire turned rogue following his rejection by the Titans, a decision stemming from his controversial philosophy where the ends always justified the means. In the aftermath of their crushing defeat, the Titans were compelled to retreat and reassess their strategy.

Amidst this period of recovery, the atmosphere was fraught with tension, with team members openly voicing their frustrations and grievances. It was during this tumultuous time that Robin, in a bold and unanticipated move, disclosed his true identity to his fellow Titans. This act of vulnerability and trust served as a turning point, helping to mend the rifts within the team. With renewed solidarity, the Titans, spearheaded by Robin, meticulously crafted a strategic plan to confront and challenge the Terror Titans in a bid to reclaim their honor and thwart the menacing threat posed by their adversaries

The End?

World’s Finest: Teen Titans has seemingly concluded its run after just six issues, much to my surprise. Notably, the series was not initially categorized as a miniseries, and there was no indication in the issue’s promotional material that it would be the final installment. I checked the forthcoming two months’ worth of solicitations revealed, and the title is absent from the solicitations. This suggests that its conclusion might not have been pre-planned. This is particularly unusual considering DC Comics’ typical practice of announcing series’ finales in advance.

Despite the abrupt nature of the title’s conclusion, Mark Waid has demonstrated commendable skill in bringing the story to a close. His handling of the Terror Titans narrative was executed with finesse, ensuring a resolution that felt both natural and satisfying. While Waid’s also definitely laid the groundwork for potential future story arcs, these plotlines were more nuanced and focused on character development rather than large-scale conflicts. This approach means that even though the series ended sooner than anticipated, readers are unlikely to feel as though they’ve been left hanging with unresolved major plot threads.

Tag Team

In the concluding issue of World’s Finest: Teen Titans, Mike Norton has joined Emanuela Lupacchino as a guest artist, contributing to several pages of the comic. His integration into the project was so seamless that I had to check the credits to distinguish their work. This is noteworthy, as having multiple artists in a single issue can often disrupt the reading experience, detracting from the immersion. However, Lupacchino and Norton’s collaboration proved to be an exception, enhancing the narrative flow rather than hindering it.

This issue maintains the distinct visual style that Lupacchino’s set from the series’ inception. The artwork throughout the the six issues has been consistently impressive, characterized by a stylized flair reminiscent of classic Saturday morning cartoons. This aesthetic choice infuses the series with a sense of nostalgia while also maintaining a modern edge. The dynamic action sequences, tight paneling, and expressive characterizations all contribute to an engaging and visually captivating experience. Overall, the artistic execution of this title has been exceptional, contributing significantly to its appeal from the first chapter to the last.


Reading World’s Finest: Teen Titans #6 has left me with mixed feelings; a blend of admiration and a tinge of regret. Mark Waid’s storytelling brims with a potent mix of heartfelt moments, witty humor, and spectacular action, perfectly encapsulating what makes a superhero story truly captivating. Both Emanuela Lupacchino and Mike Norton have outdone themselves, their artistry bringing an electrifying energy to every page.

However, despite these high points, I can’t shake off the feeling that World’s Finest: Teen Titans deserved a longer run. The sudden conclusion of the series caught me off guard, leaving me somewhat adrift. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to this title, and its premature ending is a loss I’m still coming to terms with.

Final Verdict: All good things must come to an end…

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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