Review: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #108-#113

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #108-#113
CRC Payne – Creator
Rhett Bloom (StarBite) – Creator
Review by Marsha Reilly

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #108-#113 delivers fun and cuteness to get you through the cold, winter days. A new chapter about our favorite family is released on Webtoons every Thursday.

She Played You Two Like A Drum

Roy Harper, Jason Todd, and Dick Grayson spend the day at a carnival with Raoy’s daughter, Lian. Of course, it’s not complete cuteness because brothers will be brothers. Turning the day into a competition, Jason and Dick spoil the little girl to get her to like one of them better than the other. She’s apparently already learned a valuable lesson from her mother and knows exactly what she’s doing. Roy’s very proud.

Harley Quinn saves the day when Damian gets caught on a mission. She asks why he’s out so late on a school night and they list off all the villains who have a degree.

Haley, aka Bitewing, is protecting the day from the vacuum cleaner Tim’s using to clean Dick’s home. His brother helps by narrating his three-legged friend’s battle, but all is forgiven when Haley shows off her puppy-dog eyes. Only for the dog though. Dick’s still in trouble, although not as Steph and Cass will be in for losing an expensive piece of equipment at the bottom of Gotham Harbour. Steph blames the civilian she let use it because they couldn’t do high-speed chases. Cass just apologizes, while Barbara’s not looking forward to having to tell Bruce.

Grandaddy Issues

The past comes back to haunt Damian in the latest two chapters when he battles one of his grandfather’s ninja assassins,  who says something to the youngest Wayne that really sticks with him. Bruce tries to comfort his boy, and get him to talk about what’s on his mind, and persuades him to talk to someone even if it isn’t him.

Damian’s only a child, but he’s been through a lot. He doesn’t know if becoming a hero will make up for the many bad things he did in the name of Al-Ghul. He doesn’t know if he can balance the scales, but his big bro, Dick Grayson, has always been there to reassure people of their self-worth. He points out that Damian’s still growing, making bad and good decisions, and learning from them. He tells the boy that he’s a true hero because he decided to make a difference.

You’re a hero Damian. Not because you’ve been perfect all your life, but because you realised you were hurthing others and chose to change.”

It’s something that many people fight with about themselves, and I think everyone needs to know that they’re doing better just by learning from their own mistakes. We also don’t see Dick and Damian together very often, so it’s nice that they helped each other through this rough time.


Please don’t miss out on these wonderful stories, if you’re not a fan of digital comics. For a taste, please grab a copy of the first collected volume in print, I promise that you’ll thank me for it.

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