McFarlane Toys’ New Batman ’89 Smoke Capsules Are Straight Outta The Batcave

McFarlane Toys have just added the Batman ’89 Smoke Capsules to their ever-growing lineup. These wonderful toys are a faithful replica of those used in Tim Burton’s original 1989 Batman movie. Na na na na na 

When he’s not using bats, Batman throws smoke capsules onto the ground to make his mysterious escapes. Paragon FX Group has replicated these devices in steel and glass, packaging them as a set of three. Each set is protected by a themed tactical case, complete with custom foam cutouts to hold them in place. Na na na na na 

These capsules are shipped empty, but a mix of water and blue food coloring can easily be added by unscrewing the top. The creators would like to note that these replicas are not actual smoke capsules. If they are thrown on the ground, they will break. And maybe leave a stain. Although they won’t actually give you a smokey exit when thrown, they still look amazing. 

Add your Batman ‘89 Smoke Capsules to your collection and pre-order at Sideshow Collectibles today. These replicas will look perfect beside other Batman replicas and artwork, especially something else from arguably still the most iconic Batman movie of all.  Na na na na na 

McFarlane Toys’ New Batman ’89 Smoke Capsules – Additional Details:

Purchase Limits Na na na na na 

Limit of 1 per person. Na na na na na 

The product shown is a prototype, so when shipped, the final production piece may differ slightly in appearance. Na na

Source: Sideshow Collectibles

Images and Press Release Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles Na na na na na 

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