DC Announces New ‘The Joker: Year One’ Mini-Series

DC has announced that in February 2024, The Joker’s backstory will be revealed in a three-part series, The Joker: Year One. Published over three issues of Batman (#142-#144) the tale will have massive repercussions for the future after Dawn of DC’s current “Mindbomb” story concludes in Batman #141.

The tragic “death” of the leader of the Red Hood Gang in a vat of chemicals has become the subject of myth…but what is the heartbreaking and gruesome tale of the monster who walked away from that violent birth, and how does it affect Batman’s distant future? “The Joker Year One” begins here!

In Batman #143, someone from Batman’s past gets a little too close to Joker and changes the villain forever. Most likely not for the good. Some secrets are coming to light as the Red Hood Gang reforms and the Dark Knight has a “polite” talk with them. The short story ends in Batman #144 with a climactic, chilling conclusion. The Red Hood Gang is on a rampage and only their former leader can stop them. All the while, Batman is trying to stop a deadly new virus that the villain has released.

All three parts of this tale will show just how long The Clown Prince has been impacting Batman’s life. Of course, finally knowing his past will come with its own problems as well. After Joker: Year One concludes, Dark Prisons will run through Batman #145-#148, following the Dark Knight as he faces a terrifying figure from his past in order to survive Zur’s onslaught. As usual, things aren’t that easy, because Amanda Waller and the U.S. military are waiting for him, even if he wins.

Batman #142 is set to be released in February 2024 and The Joker: Year One will run for three weeks, inside three consecutive issues.

Source: DC Comics

Images and Press release Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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