Diddy Dresses as Batman to Protest Against Studio

Rapper Diddy has celebrated Halloween as Batman as an unusual way to stick it to Warner Bros.

Back in 2022, Diddy dressed as the Joker from The Dark Knight for Halloween. The costume was so legit, that video of it went viral on social media. Apparently his costume was too good as, according to the hip-hop legend, he received a letter from Warner Bros. accusing him of breaking trademark. To be fair, this isn’t literally because Diddy dressed and acted like the Joker. He was accused of trademark infringement, because he starred as the Joker in essentially a commercial repping his own tequila brand without Warner Bros’ permission.

This year, Diddy posted a brief video response on social media apparently directed towards the studios. Diddy waves some papers in front of a camera and tosses them before saying “You win. I’m not going to be the Joker this year.” The video then cuts to an ominous “Stay tuned.” tag.

Diddy as Batman

Flash forward to Halloween 2023, where Diddy has posted a follow-up video that unveils his Dark Knight Batman costume, complete with a trailer where he’s sitting on top of the Tumbler Batmobile! The trailer is replete with professional-level set design and editing. It can only be described as extremely bizarre.

The video shows Diddy as Batman hanging around the Batmobile asking his younger self (?) for advice with the most dramatic voice over narration playing. Apparently, the Batmobile is even fully functional, as there are shots of it driving the city streets. The clip then cuts to an unnamed man in a darkened office. Given the Oscar statues on his desk and Rocky poster in the background, viewers can guess that he’s supposed to be a Hollywood executive. The funniest detail from the scene, however, is the exec’s folder that literally reads “Confidential as Fu__”. Suddenly, Diddy as Batman slams the exec over the desk demanding to end the strike.

We then cut to a security camera footage of a building- presumably the exec’s office building blowing up. Meanwhile, the exec is naked and unconscious with the sign: “The strike is over! Love, The Darkest Knight.”  The next day newspaper headline reads “The Darkest Knight Ends the Strike.”

It’s crazy to think that Diddy somehow used his Batman Halloween costume as a way to stick it to Warner Bros’ trademark legal department, who was responding to him for trying to sell his own tequila as the Joker. Meanwhile said-video response also ended up being a platform to end the strike via maybe terrorism. There are so many levels of weird complexities in Diddy’s conflict with Warner Bros.

How can he possibly find a way to top this crazy video next Halloween? Who will Diddy target next year?

Source: Variety.com

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