‘The Batman’ Skin Quietly Uploaded to ‘Arkham Knight’

Robert Pattinson’s suit from The Batman was reportedly added – and then  subsequently removed – from Batman: Arkham Knight on Epic Games Store.

Initial reports of the suit started popping up last Thursday.  X (formerly Twitter) users started posting screenshots and videos of Pattinson’s Batman suit from Arkham Knight. To be clear, this was only available on the Epic Games Store and on the PC version of the game. It was never an option for console users.

However, as quickly as it arrived, it then disappeared into the ether again. The entire event was very strange. There was no official announcement from developer Rocksteady about the skin arrival. Also, it’s super unusual to update the 8-year-old Arkham Knight game. There’s been no official word from the game makers for this mini-phenomenon.

Some fans speculate that the upload was a mistake. Given the abrupt nature of the update, it probably was. However, other gamers take it a step further and also theorize that the Pattinson bat-suit is a part of the release of Batman: Arkham Trilogy on the Nintendo Switch. The Arkham Trilogy initially was supposed to come out on October 13, but was then pushed to December 1st.

If fans are aching to play as a movie version of Batman, the game has plenty of options. They can play as Michael Keaton’s suit, Christian Bale’s Dark Knight outfit, or Ben Affleck’s Batman v Superman costume. Personally, I am partial to playing with the Keaton skin as Batman smashes light fixtures on criminals’ heads.

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