Review: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #102-#107

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #102-#107
CRC Payne – Creator
Rhett Bloom (StarBite) – Creator
Review by Marsha Reilly

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #102-107 delivers great fun, mountains of cuteness, and family drama… of course. Released on Webtoons every Thursday, every chapter gives readers a great break after a long day.

Yep, He Totally Lost It At The Manor

What do you get when Alfred’s ill and the Bat Family are injured? The ultimate test of teamwork! Taking the reins, Bruce gives everyone a role they should be able to cover without further aggravating their injuries, while their beloved butler gives them cooking instructions. We like to see the family taking care of the one who’s always taken care of them.

Damian gets a little bit of attention from his siblings when a girl from his school talks to them while they’re out together. Steph narrowly avoids insulting Damian and incurring his wrath, instead telling him that he’s kind and great at giving compliments. Tim disagrees. In the end, the youngest Wayne believes that he actually is a nice person who’s good, and Steph and Tim joke about his school friend being Kryptonian.

Are we sure that girl isn’t secretly a Kent? Usually, it takes Kryptonian superpowers to remain cheerful in the face of general Wayne-ness.

The Trinity also gets together for a night of trivia and purposely loses at tasks to prove that Batsy’s way too competitive. He grits his teeth through it all but Diana and Clark are right. He manages to get home before losing it, but Supes hears everything. It was definitely a great night of trivia for Superman and Wonder Woman.

After rescuing a little girl from a building about to be blown sky high, Red Hood offers her his helmet and may have lost it to her.

Lucius Fox discovers that Luke is Batwing and they finally talk about the massive Bat-Elephant in the room. It’s nice to see the argument from both sides of the crime-fighting spectrum. Putting your life on the line every night makes parents, family, friends, and loved ones worry. He isn’t happy that his son hid this secret from him, and Luke calls him out on keeping his own secrets about working with the Bats. They both make very valid points about the vigilante lifestyle and eventually come to a compromise: they’re not thrilled, but they’re definitely proud.

It was nice to see them actually talking about it after they’d clearly avoided doing so for so long. We get two adults having an adult conversation, and parents never like to think of their child as all grown up. Now we just need the rest of the BatFamily to do that in the comics.


As always, this series delivers thought-provoking entertainment, using wonderful humor and terrific characterization.

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Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment and WebToon

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