Review: Batman/Catwoman “The Gotham War”: Red Hood #2

Batman/Catwoman The Gotham War: Red Hood #2
Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Artist: Nikola Čižmešija
Color Artist: Rex Lokus
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Review by Adam Ray

Jason Todd is the most unlikely casualty in this grand Batman Catwoman crossover. Gotham War: Red Hood #2 shows us the extent of how big Jason’s motivations were going into this event and his actions in the previous issue. Things are up in the air for Red Hood, but this adds to the action that draws us deeper into this Gotham City turf war.

Starting the issue with “A Week Ago” in Peteri’s most stark letters really gives us a chance to breathe out the events of the past few issues. Who knew the hyper-violent Jason Todd could change? This issue effortlessly flits between the familiar moments from Catwoman #57, and Batman #138, all done by different art teams, but they appear so consistent if you see them side by side. I’ve seen flashbacks done well and heavy-handed in comics, and this is handled very well.

Putting all this side by side with Ravager’s patience lets us feel just how whirlwind this entire set of events has been for Jason. We also get really unlikely and defining moments of characters at their most sinister and inscrutable. This event has been bringing in some of DC’s biggest hitters, and they all read and fit in very natural and welcome ways.


Gotham War: Red Hood #2 has perfectly given a broad look at where DC’s most loose cannon was at the start of the event, and leaves us wondering about his overall safety going forward. The situation’s beautiful to look at but nerve-wracking to read. I’m sure we all deeply hope that he pulls through. I’m now incredibly eager to see this cross-over’s conclusion.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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