Review: Batman: White Knight Presents: Generation Joker #6

by James Attias
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“Batman: White Knight Presents: Generation Joker” – Book Six
Writers: Katana Collins, Clay McCormack, and Sean Murphy
Artist: Mirka Andolfo
Color Artist: Alejandro Sánchez
Letterer: Andworld’s DC Hopkins
Review by James Attias

Batman: White Knight Presents: Generation Joker #6 is the final chapter of the children of Joker’s story. Growing up is always painful.

2.0 Face or Two Point Oh Face

When last we spoke, the kids were being chased by a giant robot with the consciousness of Two-Face. Poison Ivy was dying, Riot was trying to save her life, and Harley and Bruce rushed to the scene to help. This is definitely going to end up fine for everyone… he says.

My main problem with this story throughout was that the kids were not the most likable characters, but I suppose that being a grumpy old Bat-nerd, most kids seem unlikable to me now. Maybe? Get off my lawn! No, I joke, I struggled to find a connection with them personally, I connected more with the Harley and Bruce characters of this story, so it was frustrating to me that they were not in it as much as I’d have liked.

This final issue was by far the best of this series as we finally have all the characters written perfectly. I wish that they were written like this throughout, but perhaps if they had been then the final issue wouldn’t have felt as special.

Director In The Shadows

This will not be the last book in Sean Murphy‘s White Knight series, we know this for sure. The final pages of Batman: Beyond the White Knight and the entire epilogue of this story have all told us that we’re headed toward a collision, a clash of Titans. A lot of my grumpy questions from previous reviews have been answered, although they’ve also sparked a million more. I can’t wait to see what comes next.


Batman: White Knight Presents: Generation Joker #6 was the best of the bunch and it opens the door for plenty more stories to come.

8 out of 10

This review was written in Loving Memory of Arleen Sorkin, the Original Harley Quinn. 

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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