Review: The Penguin #2

“In Service”
Writer: Tom King
Artist: Rafael De Latorre
Color Artist: Marcelo Maiolo
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Review By Philip Clark

The Penguin #2 releases this week, and it does not disappoint. The first issue last month blew me away, and this month’s delivers everything it needed to succeed.

We get mystery and murder, except there’s no mystery as to who the murderer is. Cobblepot is back at his ‘Wak-Wak’ing best in this issue.

Birds of a Feather

After his sudden activeness back as the famed criminal we all love to hate, Oswald takes it upon himself to visit an old friend, whose name is never mentioned, so their identity remains a mystery; unless you’re in the know.

What is revealed, however, is the nature of this person. He appears to be a retired ex-criminal who’s trying to live his twilight years in peace. I think that there may be a  bit of a theme going on here!

His peace is broken the moment The Penguin knocks on his door. Stepping into his life, Oswald quickly begins to deconstruct the perfect little retirement plan his friend has. The tension is palpable on every page. The conversation between Oswald and his mysterious friend is engaging because it’s so brilliantly written and drawn.


The vibe that King delivered with the first issue of this new series continues over into The Penguin #2. The repeated use of muted colors and expressive close-ups really lean into the noir, gangster motif. The creative team really continues to deliver with this series, so there’s not much else to say except that someone should turn this into a TV show!

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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