Review: Knight Terrors: Zatanna #2

“Knight and Dame”
Writer: Dennis Culver
Artist:  David Baldeon
Color Artist: Rain Beredo  
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Review by Kendra Smart

Knight Terrors: Zatanna #2 is here and I don’t believe that I’ve ever looked so forward to such a short portion of story before. What this team has done with just two issues is dumbfounding and exciting.

When we last saw her, Zatanna was not only on the run from The Sleepless Queen and her Sleepless Knights, now including Cliff Steele as The Rustbringer, her newest recruit! She was trying to keep her teammates safe and staying ahead of being knighted herself… quite the challenge indeed.

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Before we dive into the meat of the issue, let’s take a quick gander at the covers we get the chance to partake of. First off, we begin with David Baldeon and Rain Beredo’s cover. An exquisite shot that looks plucked from the book itself, showing Zatanna at the mercy of The Sleepless Queen.

Next comes Felipe Massafera with a demonic Zatanna pulling nightmares out of her hat. The artwork is stunning to say the least. Riley Rossmo gives us Zatanna and many members of the League sending out a call for help!

Dan Mora gives us an awesome character sheet, Dungeons and Dragons style, of The Sleepless Queen and Sir Morbid. It’s so cool to see the way this cover is set up, and it’s the 1:25 variant.

Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite of the covers offered. The 1:50 variant by Chuma Hill is so lovingly crafted. It’s a breathtakingly  gorgeous and terrifying version of Zatanna, infected by some kind of spider creature covered in eyes. It’s wonderfully wicked in every way.

Yawa Gninnur Uoy Era Yhw

As we rejoin Zatanna, she’s making her way through the maze of the catacombs beneath the Hall Of Justice. Using Portals, traps, and her own magic against, not only The Rustbringer, but the Sleepless Knights as well. Forced to use all of her wits, she manages to stay one step ahead. Her quick wits serve her well, but The Sleepless Queen is hellbent on having her as one of her newest Knights, and she’s not one for mercy.

Zatanna has to face down her worst fears, just as she thought she was going to get a moment of peace. Her “father” is back and with his callous words come the seeds of doubt and sorrow. Losing her faith in herself and her own magic, Zatanna’s battle intensifies. Unfortunately, this is when not only The Rustbringer comes for her…but The Sleepless Queen and her other Knights are closing in as well.

Seussi Yddad

Knight Terrors: Zatanna #2 comes with astounding art and story that mixes many varied elements in perfect harmony. The color palette is dark and the utter despair we see her face, as she stares down her demons, is masterful. While other tales from this arc have been about fighting nightmares while under Insomnia’s control, Zatanna’s dealing with more of a waking dream type scenario. Her nightmares have been ripped from her very core and made flesh.

Kudos to the team for giving fan service to the readers. It was rough, as someone who loves the character with all her heart, watching as she not only doubted herself and her magic, but also to hear the heart rending words that came from the ghoulish mouth of her father. Even greater was watching her inner strength and resolve take hold and restore her faith in who she is.

I could pluck so many favorite scenes from these issues, but the one that truly stands out is where we find Zatanna on her knees as Rustbringer comes up a dark hall behind her for the kill. The footsteps are audible.


While Knight Terrors: Zatanna #2 does deliver a satisfying conclusion to this foray, we’re not done with Zatanna or Cliff’s part in this story, nor is their team up complete. I fully recommend this two issue set and looking forward to more, in Knight Terrors: Night’s End!  

Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment

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