Review: Knight Terrors #3

Review: Knight Terrors #3 (of 4)
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artists: Giuseppe Camuncoli, Stefano Nesi, Caspar Wijngaard
Color Artists: Frank Martin, Caspar Wijngaard
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Review by Davydh Tidey

Knight Terrors #3. Our heroes have a new ally and finally have a plan… sort of. It’s not a very good one, but it’ll have to do. 

Shut Your Eyes

This issue moves in a new direction after an exposition-heavy previous issue, and brings us forward towards this nightmares end. With their (fairly likely) new ally by their side, the Golden Age Sandman and Deadman have a plan for how to retrieve the Nightmare stone before Insomnia does.

Fare thee well!”
– Deadman

We’re introduced to a new realm of being (“…a state of not quite awake and not quite dreaming.”, in Sandman’s words), and shown a vision of what a ghosts nightmares could look like. 

All very cheery stuff, as you can imagine. 

Kiss Me Goodbye

Alone against a nightmare.”
– Sandman

Joshua Williamson has put some careful thought into this saga, and that shows in Knight Terrors #3. This event feels very planned and deliberate in its execution, and he definitely wants to keep you guessing right to the end. 

More of Insomnia’s insane origin story is revealed to us in this issue, and once again more questions are raised. The way his story’s being told is interesting, being presented to the reader in reverse. It’s not making it easy to keep the saga totally straight in your head, but damn, is it good reading!

The Deceased Duo’s new teammate is a fun addition and it makes complete sense they would join the party under the circumstances, but it’s also so unexpected considering what the rest of the DCU is going through right now. Another great left turn from Williamson here!

Just Sleep

I guess I need to lead by example.”
– Insomnia

Giuseppe Camuncoli, Stefano Nesi, Caspar Wijngaard and Frank Martin are all working hard to deliver some of the best artwork I’ve seen for a DC event for a good long while. The heavily-stylised thick linework of Camuncoli paired with the delicate, cleaner style of Wijngaard is a match made in heaven. Outside of Undiscovered Country, this may be the best art I’ve seen from Camuncoli for a very long time. 


The end is nigh, as Knight Terrors #3 marks the penultimate issue of the horror event, and the conclusion’s approaching like a bullet train. 

Given the reveal at the end of the issue, however, I have a feeling that the problems with the Nightmare stone are only just beginning… 

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment

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