Review: Knight Terrors: Poison Ivy #2

by Fay Clark
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Knight Terrors: Poison Ivy” – Part Two
Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Artists: Atagun Ilhan and Mark Morales
Color Artist: Arif Prianto
Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Review by Fay Clark

Shall we find out if Jan can convince Pam of the strange goings on, in Knight Terrors: Poison Ivy #2?

We left Pam in her “dream house”, with her love Harley and her neighbors, Batman and a very pregnant Catwoman. Ivy, having almost no issue with this chain of events went out of her way to make sure Harley was happy. Janet from HR, however, had other ideas about the this so called “dream house”.

A Dream House Fit for Barbie

I honestly do not know how one person has so much imagination. G. Willow Wilson yet again shows us her knowledge of the psyche. Knight Terror: Poison Ivy #2 is a love letter to the human mind, as there’s so much going on in this storyline that’s all inside our protagonist’s poison filled brain. Wilson can somehow make you feel frightened and fascinated all at the same time. There are some classic tropes, but they’re done so well in this issue that I’m not even mad about it.

Some of the things that Wilson has been able to accomplish in a 2 part story are amazing. You just know that this experience is going to stay with Ivy and Janet from HR for a very long time. I believe this will bring them closer, as the shared trauma is going to build one of the strongest friendships in Ivy’s life.

Henry Selick is that you?

There’s so much I could say about the artwork in this issue. We’re going to start with, “Oh my gods, was that unsettling”.  Some of the first words that came to mind after I looked at the first panels of the issue. Everything about it screamed Coraline to me; the overexaggerated facial features, and the color tones too.

Atagun Ilhan and Mark Morales are clearly very good at creeping people out. If you add in the color work from Arif Prianto, then you get a colorful nightmare. I would not want to spend time in that dream house for any amount of money.


There’s so much going on with Poison Ivy’s storyline that I am always impressed when writers are able to tie in their current character arcs with a special event. Knight Terrors: Poison Ivy #2 just goes to show you that you can have a crossover and still carry on with the character development and story building you were planning. I cannot wait to see what’s next for our poisonous heroine, her lover, and her HR rep.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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