Review: Batman: White Knight Presents: Generation Joker #3

“Batman: White Knight Presents: Generation Joker” – Book Three
Writers: Katana Collins, Clayton McCormack, and Sean Murphy
Artist: Mirka Andolfo
Color Artist: Alejandro Sánchez
Letterer: DC Hopkins
Review by James Attias

Batman: White Knight Presents: Generation Joker #3 takes a sudden turn from Goonies to Loonies. Was it endearing or just annoying! Let’s jump in…

Twins? Kids? Teens? Brats?

After the steller first two issues of this series, and the powerhouse that has always been Sean Murphy. I always go into these stories with high expectations. So maybe it was my own fault that this issue left me a little bit frustrated. So far in a long run of awesome, fresh, different stories, all set in the White Knight universe. We have been reintroduced into a bunch of characters that we knew, but now feel new. This has been wonderful. So when we have a story based on two completely original, new, young characters. They don’t have the same slack that any other character would get. I found Jackie and Bryce a bit annoying this issue. I know. Don’t hate me, loyal readers. But the kids were written like teenagers, drawn like they’re different ages (despite being twins) and showing no remorse, care, common sense. I mean I know they’re kids… But come on. One of them should have a shred of common sense, no?

I have had a rollercoaster relationship with Sean Murphy’s writing. I clashed with it at the start, fell in love with it eventually. But like all relationships, I feel like we’ve hit a lull, the spark has gone and we need to go back to how we first fell in love. This issue, despite being overseen by Murphy. Wasn’t written by him. So Collins and McCormack don’t get the forgiveness he does. I have to say this issue was a little too much. The story didn’t keep me gripped like it usually does. Which stood out, when I’m usually on the edge of my seat. I’m hoping the seeds planted this issue; pay off big time next issue.

Wonder Waste of a Character Woman? Green Could Be Anyone Lantern?

When the ending of the last series Batman: Beyond the White Knight (reviewed by yours truly) ended, it teased some heavy Justice League hitters. But like a low budget TV show, they were teased as Agents, UnderCover operatives. Not full blown, colorful, cape wearing superheroes. As it was the end of the series and just a little tease, I swallowed my grumpy gripes and thought by the next series they should be different. I was wrong. They are suit (with their color scheme or star earrings) wearing duds. This issue shows John Stewart, a trained marine, bad @$$ Green Lantern, it feels like an Agent Coulson – from Agents of Shield role. As well as Diana, Princess of the Amazons, daughter of Zeus. Acting like Agent Scully from the X-files?! That was strike 2 of this issue for me.

Now I don’t want to pull you down with all of my negativity, but the art in this issue also left me questioning, how old are these kids? Are they twins? Is Jacky a foot taller then Bryce? Other then that the art wasn’t bad. So let’s not talk too much about it. The rest of the issue’s art was perfectly fine.
I’m a glass half full kind of nerd. There were some positive points to this issue. Like Neo-Joker and OG Harley’s antics tracking the kids. Their dynamic was good. As well as Neo-Joker/New Harley/What do we call her… Finally getting a semblance of her own new name? I liked that. But sadly.. I liked only that. The rest of the issue was the weakest part of this Universe. Sorry fans, this issue just rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe it’s me?


Batman White Knight Presents Generation Joker #3 wasn’t my favorite. I’m not exactly hiding that. I want someone to tell me they loved it and why. Just so I can understand what I was missing. Leave your opinion in the comments below.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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