McFarlane Toys Debut SDCC Exclusive Figures

McFarlane Toys show off their exclusive line of figures sold only at San Diego Comic Con this week.

Among the showcase is a trio of figures based on The Dark Knight trilogy. They have Bank Robber Joker from the beginning of The Dark Knight and Sonar Vision Joker, which is how Batman saw the Joker in the film’s finale. Also in the line-up is Trenchcoat Bane from Dark Knight Rises.


Bank Robber Joker seems to feature two heads and alternate hands. One head has his clown mask that concealed his identity. The other head is a typical Heath Ledger Joker head. The Sonar Vision Joker is casted in a translucent blue plastic to simulate the sonar vision from the movie. It’s probably the coolest effect.

Finally, Trenchcoat Bane’s trenchcoat appears to have a mini-trenchcoat. That means that you can slip it on and off to either highlight Bane’s warlord-like stance or his bare muscles.

Mister Freeze

Outside of The Dark Knight line, there is also a special line art version of Mr. Freeze as a part of their Page Puncher series. The Page Puncher series typically come with a comic. This version of Mr. Freeze is black-and-white and resembles a 19th century deep sea diver.


Knightfall Batman

Finally, the last Batman SDCC-exclusive figure is Batman himself. McFarlane showcases a special blue and grey suit Batman to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Knightfall storyline. This figure features an pair of alternate hands, a batarang, and a trading card/ certificate of authenticity. Honestly, it is pretty similar to the normal variant of the Knightfall Batman figure. The biggest difference is that the SDCC-exlusive also shows off black highlights on his cowl and trunks. It’s a pretty cool effect all things considered.


All of these figures can be found at the DC Comics booth #4645 at San Diego Comic Con. Comic Con runs from July 20th to 23rd.


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