Irregular Choice Launches Justice League Fashion Collection

Holy Heels Batman!! Irregular Choice has launched a brand new Justice League Collection.

Unite in the battle for justice with Irregular Choice’s newest collab – Justice League! Featuring all of the DC Super Heroes you love to love and the DC Super-Villains you love to hate – this epic collection has something for everyone. If you’re needing fantastic flats, hero heels, or awesome accessories, Irregular Choice can save the day!

These mismatched high-heel boots feature everyone’s favourite arch enemies, Batman and The Joker! Each foot is dedicated to one character, with graphic appliques of Batman and The Joker and their opposing colours, sat atop comic book style BAM! POW! Concept heels. These beautiful zip-up boots are a must for any fan of Batman and The Joker!
Sizes 36-46.

This neat top-opening doctor-style handbag features everyone’s favourite mortal enemies, Batman and The Joker! Featuring a bold comic book graphic of the duo facing off in bright colours, the back is emblazoned with the classic old-school graphic Batman logo. Grab this bag before it’s gone in the night!

These fantastic slip-on Batmobile flat shoes are the fastest (and coolest) ride in town, featuring amazing details like opening doors, see-through windows and go-faster tailfins in cool cobalt blue and black glitter. Yellow Bat Emblems adorn the wheels and doors, perfectly finished with a matching lining and printed outsole.
Sizes 36-44.

Batman’s evil nemesis, The Joker, has taken over this purse for himself! One side shows a comic book panel of the Joker, laughing maniacally with Batman tied up in the background. The other side features the Bat Emblem in contrasting black and metallic gold, fastened with a handy zip.

Check out The Balance Of Good And Evil Tights too!

These wondrous 70s-inspired chunky platforms are giving us all the BAM! POW! Superhero feelings. Amazonian Warrior gives fans the perfect Wonder Woman-inspired gold shoes, covered from heel to toe in yellow, blue, and red sparkling applique stars, and the heel design echoes Wonder Woman’s iconic tiara and breastplate.
Sizes 36-46.

Stronger Together

These super high-heeled boots were made to celebrate Wonder Woman and Superman! Each pair features a classic comic book applique graphic of Wonder Woman and Superman, ready to take flight or join the fight! These ankle boots feature a high block heel, inside zip fastening, and a star-spangled blue upper with red candy striping and gold detailing, perfect for any fans of the DC Super Heroes!

Warrior Of Peace Necklace

This statement Justice League necklace features Wonder Woman in her iconic costume, complete with her statement sky blue cape and high-kicking go-go boots. Framed with twin red stars bearing her iconic symbol, with a gold-tone chain and adjustable fastening, all supplied in a Justice League branded gift box.

I love the Wonder Woman Bag!

The ultimate tote bag for the ultimate fan, featuring a bold graphic print of our DC Super Hero in true comic book style. Her golden tiara is picked out in red and gold applique, with star-spangled stripes and sequins trimmed all around. Featuring an archive print to the reverse, an optional adjustable shoulder strap AND lots of storage.

Who Needs Capes?

These caped Wonder Woman and Superman high heels are iconic! A high gold glitter stiletto heel and royal blue upper represent one of each of our brave pair, with their logo embroidered on each toe. Amazingly cute red and blue DC Super Hero capes wrap around each heel, flowing behind as you walk. These shoes are absolutely spectacular! I love them, but I’d be a bit worried about tripping over the little capes.

The full Justice League collection is being launched on Friday 30th June on the Irregular Choice website. These early reveals are spectacular and I cannot wait to see what else is included in the collection.

Images, Video Content and Press Release Courtesy of Irregular Choice

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