DC Teases Batman/Catwoman ‘Showdown’

DC Comics has teased a crossover event between Batman and Catwoman titles called “Showdown”.

There’s very little information about the saga, so far, all we see is an evocative image of a gash in Batman’s chest with Catwoman slash marks over a bloody Bat-logo. Batman artist Jorge Jimenez illustrated the image, but has kept mum about the meaning behind it. In fact, we don’t even know the release date of when the story line will occur.

The only thing we do know for certain is the creative team. The teams compose of Chip Zdarsky and Jimenez, as well as Tini Howard and Nico Leon. Not coincidentally, they’re the respective creative teams for the Batman and Catwoman titles.

Rising Tensions

So, with very little information, is there a big conflict coming down the pipe for the Dark Knight and Selina? Readers who’ve been following the two titles may know that there’s been a slow tension building between the two for a face-off.


In Catwoman #50, Selina killed her lover, Valmont, when he was about to stab Batman in the back. She was then arrested and thrown in prison. Despite Bruce Wayne’s offers of legal help, Selina decided to break out of prison and live out a life as a fugitive from the law. This lead to a confrontation between the two in the most-recent Batman #136. Here, Catwoman revealed that the Penguin’s been alive all along and Batman divulged that he created Failsafe, the robot that had been hunting the Dark Knight. The conversation ended badly, as Catwoman left Batman when she became fed-up with the perceived-hypocrisy.

Will there be more conflicts down the line between the two of them? Most likely. Will they be able to reconcile their differences? Only “Showdown” will tell!

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