Review: Poison Ivy #13

Poison Ivy” – Chapter Thirteen
Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Artists: Marcio Takara, Guillem March, Kelley Jones and A.L. Kaplan
Color Artists: Arif Prianto, Jose Villarrubia, A.L. Kaplan
Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Review by Fay Clark

After a wonderfully long and exhausting road trip across the country, Pam’s finally back home. Gotham has lots waiting for her, though… like Harley, and many old “friends” that she’s hoping not to come across. Let’s see how long she can avoid these people in Poison Ivy #13

Return, Reuse, Recycle

Starting out with some cute Harley and Ivy scenes does wonders for my soul. G. Willow Wilson always knows how to tug at the heartstrings. Everything this woman does is plot and character driven and I couldn’t tell you which I like more.

We all love a little light heartedness, and the last couple of issues haven’t really given us a second to take a breath, let alone delivered any jokes. Now that Pamela’s back in her home town with her love, she’s clearly getting a little bit more breathing space. Wilson snuck in a couple of chuckles into this issue, and I really enjoyed them. A little bit of lightness does wonders for growing plants, and will definitely make sure that Ivy’s in a better mood to deal with her old “friends” that she’ll be running into around town.

We see a couple of familiar faces (threats), so I really can’t wait to explore Gotham more with Pam.

Sharing is Caring

We have a whole slue of artists and colorists working on Poison Ivy #13 and it was a bit of a shock when the first change in style happened. I really enjoyed the first couple; the more realistic comic styles of Marcio Takara and Guillem March are more aesthetically pleasing to me, personally. The others were still very good, just not my taste.

The color work throughout was outstanding, although you could tell the difference in line-art, I had a more difficult time trying to see the difference in colorists. They somehow made all of the panels come cohesively together. The tone of the whole issue was somehow very fluid, even with the changes in art style. I feel like that was down to the similar tone and hues that the color artists used.

Every variant cover is stunning!


Having Ivy back in Gotham is amazing. She’s finally back with her love, Harley, and settling into the undergrowth of the city. I have no idea what Wilson has planned next, but I can not wait to spend more time in Gotham with our favorite plant goddess.

Poison Ivy has some things in the works and after catching up with everything Gotham, some thinking to do. If you want to see where she’ll go next, join me in waiting (impatiently) for the next issue.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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