Majestic Batwing New 52 Action Figure From McFarlane Toys

The Batwing New 52 action figure is the latest release from McFarlane Toys’ umbrella line of DC Multiverse figures encompassing all characters from the DCU, no matter how major or minor. Although some may think of Luke Fox in the armor, this figure is of the original “Batman of Africa” David Zavimbe.

Not to be confused with the Batwing plane, Batman’s airborne choice of travel, the Batwing persona was first created by Grant Morrison, although it’s been suggested that the idea came from Batman #250 (1973) where an African-American boy imagines a version of Batman in the classic tale, “The Batman Nobody Knows”.

Morrison’s version made its debut in Batman Incorporated #5 (2011). In the series, Bruce Wayne recruited and funded worthy individuals from around the world to fight crime on a global scale under the Batman logo and he selected Congolese police officer David Zavimbe to be his Batman in Africa supplying him with a technologically advanced Batsuit.

Designed by illustrator Chris Burnham, but drawn for the Batman Inc. series by Yanick Paquette, Batwing looks like an irresistible mix between Batman and Marvel’s Iron Man. Jet boots and retractable wings are the first features to notice, but where Batman relies on a utility belt, Batwing has utility gauntlets that contain a wealth of features including liquid bandages, an energy sword, tranquilizer darts, and flammable liquids.

More importantly, David Zavimbe also has a complex character pre-Batwing in some politicly charged storylines that saw him develop from a child soldier to devote his life striking back at warlords, as a way of atoning for the battles he had been forced to fight in until eventually he became a policeman. Then Batman came knocking…

In the 2011 DCU reboot, New 52, David earned himself his own ongoing series, but in Batwing #19 (2013), after a series of tragic events, Zavimbe retired from the role, and the mantle was passed on to Luke Fox, who has been the version of the character seen in the Batwoman TV show, and video games.

This is why it’s great to see McFarlane Toys revisit Zavimbe as Batwing, in their 7″ DC Multiverse action figure line. Covered neck to toe in bulletproof, shockproof armor and that dramatic-looking eye mask, the figure comes with extended wings and afterburn flames to attach to the soles of his boots and one for the backpack. As is typical for the range, the figure comes with an impressive twenty-two points of articulation and an art card featuring character biography details.

While Luke Fox appears to be bedded in for the role of DC’s true Dark Knight in shining armor, it’s important to remember where it all started, in the heroic and tragic story of David Zavimbe. The 7″ Batwing New 52 action figure is a fitting tribute to the Batman of Africa.

The Batwing New 52 7″ action figure is available to order from McFarlane Toys.

Batwing New 52 Product details:

David Zavimbe was born in Tinasha, a city in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He and his brother Isaac were drafted as child soldiers and forced into combat among local warring factions. During one mission, the brothers refused orders to kill innocent people.

Isaac attacked their leader, General Keita, to protect David, and was slain, forcing David to flee, before he eventually returned to capture Keita, delivering him to an enemy base and renouncing his own life as a soldier. Soon after becoming a Tinasha police officer, David was approached by Batman to join Batman Incorporated to carry on the legacy of The Dark Knight in the most tumultuous region on Earth!

  • Incredibly detailed 7″ scale figure based on the DC Multiverse.
  • Designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for a full range of posing and play.
  • Batwing includes 3 attachable flames and a base.
  • Includes a collectible card with art on the front, and character biography on the back.
  • Collect all McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Figures.

Images and press release courtesy of McFarlane Toys

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