McFarlane Toys Release Two-Face As Batman Figure

New collectible captured from the "Batman Reborn" era

by Steven Lee Sharpe
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Two-Face As Batman is the latest exciting DC Multiverse action figure set for release from McFarlane Toys.

McFarlane Toys’ DC Multiverse action figure line is the catch-all banner for releases featuring all manner of versions of DC characters across all TV, film, comic, and animation, no matter how obscure the appearance, or how brief. Recently previewed on the McFarlane Toys Twitter feed, Two Face As Batman is a visually striking version of the Dark Knight which came about in the aftermath of the apparent death of Bruce Wayne in the classic Final Crisis (2008). In a huge story orchestrated by writer Grant Morrison, Dick Grayson then took up the mantel of Batman, which drew the curiosity of Two-Face.

You may know the term anti-hero, in which a hero lacks the typical noble attributes of a traditional hero and has questionable methods of carrying their actions, but Two-Face is the ultimate anti-villain thanks to a split personality which can see him performing mostly villainous acts, but occasionally pulling off life-saving acts of heroism.

As Harvey Dent, he was a powerful ally, so much so that Bruce Wayne tutored him in detective and fighting skills before entrusting him to look after Gotham City during the Dark Knight’s year long absence. The Batman: Face To Face (2006) story under the “One Year Later” banner, illustrated the folly of this decision when it transpired that the supposedly reformed Dent had been unable to keep the return of his Two-Face persona at bay.

This Jekyll and Hyde split, plus the new skills that Dent/Two-Face had developed, thanks to training he’d received from both Batman and Deathstroke, means that he’s a uniquely unpredictable character in the DC cannon. In the Batman Reborn era, it led to a fascinating moment in Batman #690 (2009) by Judd Winick and Mark Bagley, when Two-Face’s curiosity about Batman’s new identity saw him manage to expose a weakness in the Batcave defences and teleport inside thanks to a Metahuman named Nola.

As Batman, Dick Grayson was alerted about the breach, but when he finally arrived at the Batcave, he was shot by poison darts. When he turned to see who shot him, he was faced with Harvey Dent in a version of the Batsuit. The following issue began with a fight between the two until Dick realized that he’d been hallucinating. It’s one of the great teases in comics. The costume still looks great, split between red and black, and the image made it to the cover of Batman #691, despite its brief life.

It turns out that the coloring also looks great in the proverbial flesh, on the Two-Face As Batman action figure. Properly jet-black against the red, unlike the blue-tinged black of the comic, much like Harley Quinn’s original costume (another character battling a lesser version of the hero/villain split). The division of colour on the mask works well too, with the scarred half of Harvey Dent’s face on the black side.

Does anyone else think that Two-Face As Batman would look great alongside the Batman Who Laughs, which is practically the Joker as Batman? I’m a sucker for villainous versions of the Dark Knight.

At the moment this action figure exists as a teasing announcement from McFarlane Toys – watch this space for ordering details.

Images and press release courtesy of McFarlane Toys

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