Dawn of DC: Knight Terrors Will Realize Batman’s Greatest Fears

With the recent release of Free Comic Book Day 2023’s Dawn of DC: Knight Terrors #0, both the writer and head architect of the story, Joshua Willaimson, has told us what to expect from the upcoming series. Clear from the name, this one-shot (which will be followed by a four-part miniseries) is a horror story. Delving into nightmares, the heroes and villains we love are forced to face their biggest fears by a new major villain: Insomnia.

Knight Terrors: First Blood, will see Damian Wayne plunged into this new nightmare realm as he sees his father transform into a demonic monster, vowing to never let him sleep again.. and that’s just the beginning. We glimpse Insomnia watching the Waynes return from taking down Killer Moth and Firefly, scheming and plotting.

Williamson has previously stated:

I love horror comics, and it’s been a blast bringing the energy to Dawn of DC. Knight Terrorsshowcases the horror side of our heroes as a brand-new villain confronts them with their worst nightmares. It’s a fun and horrific event that brings together all of the heroes and villains of DC, along with some surprises!

Taking this as a chance to explore Batman’s psyche and a new fear besides his parents’ death, Williamson speaks about what changes he’s brought to the character we all know, in an interview with CBR:

I find Batman fascinating because he’s a character with such experience with fear. So much of his character is about fears, the things that haunt him, and the things that have traumatized him. At this point, we’ve seen it. I used to make this joke: We’ve seen different versions of Bruce Wayne’s parents die so many times that I wanted to play around with that idea Bruce has also seen it many times at this point.

I don’t want to get too much into spoilers, but I think we found a few things that will be unique and different. With Bruce, the art shows the version of him as a kid. Then we have the bats climbing out of his mouth and the gun head. So we just went in and tried something different with it… You’ll see in the first issue that it was less about saying, ‘Here’s another thing that Bruce is afraid of.’…Bruce knows what he’s afraid of, so it’s more about forcing him to look at those things from different points of view.

The Knight Terrors: First Blood one-shot is by Williamson and Howard Porter. In addition, the four-issue Knight Terror series will be by Williamson, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Stefano Nesi, and Caspar Wijngaard.

Knight Terrors: First Blood was released on May 6th, 2023, as part of the Free Comic Book Day 2023: Dawn of DC.

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