HBO Max Drops ‘The Penguin’ Series Teaser Trailer

HBO Max has released an in-production teaser-trailer for The Batman sequel Penguin TV series, starring Colin Farrell.

The clip doesn’t give too much away that we didn’t already know. The Penguin, along with all of Gotham, is still reeling from the events at the end of The Batman.

The film ended with the death of the main crime boss, Carmine Falcone, and the flooding the entire city. Now crime is running rampant and The Penguin, or “Oz” as he’s also known, will attempt to fill the power void and take advantage of the chaos. However, he won’t be the only one. Sofia Falcone, Carmine’s other daughter played by Cristi Milioti, is also looking to take her father’s spot. There’s also Clancy Brown‘s Salvatore Maroni who’s trying to top job of the crime syndicate.


The trailer briefly shows Sofia and Oz on seemingly amicable terms for the moment, as they clink their martini glasses at some up-scale bar.

The clip in itself is quite interesting. It partially shows in-film footage, but also occasionally spliced in behind-the-scenes shots of Colin Farrell as Oz shooting up a street. This is probably because The Penguin barely started filming a month ago, so they probably cobbled (unintended pun) together what few edited scenes they already shot.

Still, it looks pretty enticing. I’m onboard to see how Oz Cobblepot claws his way to the top of the criminal empire.

The Penguin series will come out to stream on HBO Max some time in 2024.


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