McFarlane Toys Announces ‘The Flash’ Batmobile, Batwing, and More

by Eric Lee
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McFarlane Toys have released a slew of new toys from The Flash that highlights Ben Affleck’s new Batman suit, the Batmobile, Batwing, and more…

The toy maker introduced new figures featuring the main characters from The Flash. The characters list includes Michael Keaton’s Batman, Supergirl, Flash,  Ben Affleck’s Batman, and Flash in a custom Batman outfit. Additionally, the line also includes the new Batcycle, modified Batwing, and1989-style Batmobile.

Only at Target, there will also be an unmasked Batman variant figure.

All the characters are 7 inches tall and come with a trading card and custom accessories.


The Keaton Batman, or Multiverse Batman as he’s officially referred to, comes with a grappling hook, Batarang, two alternate hands for holding, fists, and base. You can pre-order him here.

Target’ s also selling a retailer’s exclusive version of this Batman figure without his mask. It shows a sorta likeness of Michael Keaton. Yes, it has his general head shape and hairline, but there ‘s something a little off about the face. It might be the eyes. They look a little too luscious to be Keaton’s. Also, the figure looks more like Keaton after some botox injections to try to smooth out his skin wrinkles. In any case, you can buy it and judge for yourself.  The unmasked variant will be released April 23rd. You can pre-order him here.

The prime universe version of Batman played by Affleck only comes with alternate hands and a base. Looking at his new outfit, Affleck’s Batman seems to have gotten really into buckles and straps. A conservative estimate points to at least 14 straps. Did he just have a wholesale order that he needed to get rid of? Pre-order this figure here.

A closer inspection also reveals that he has just a simple all black color scheme. This is different from his color scheme in the film trailer where he clearly is wearing a blue and grey look.

Batmobile, Batwing, and Batcycle

As far as the Bat-vehicles go, McFarlane Toys have got you covered. There’s the Batcycle, which is scaled to fit Batman to ride on it. There is also the 1989-styled Batmobile. This thing comes at a beastly 22 inches long and can fit a Batman figure in the cockpit. The canopy also slides across the hood of the car, just like in the movies. Yes, Mr. Wayne, it does come in black. You can pre-order it here.

The most intriguing vehicle is the new version of the Batwing. It comes at an impressive 34 inch wingspan. It also has a retractable cockpit to fit a Batman figure into. Clearly the Batwing took heavy inspiration from the original ones seen in the 1989 Batman movie. However, while that Batwing was styled to capture the silhouette of the Bat-Signal’s look, this Batwing’s shape is the newer Bat-symbol with the spread out wings. It retails at a whooping $250 USD, but if you’re a true fan, that kind of money wouldn’t stop you, right?  You can pre-order it here.

The Flash

The Flash, or prime version of Barry Allen’s alter-ego, comes with four attachable lightning accessories and a base.  You can pre-order it here. The alternate version of the Flash is sporting a Flash red paint job over a modified Batman suit. This figure is supposed to be based on a younger, alternate universe version of Barry where he is powerless. What gets to me is the little clues that he just took a Bat-suit and spray-painted it red. If you look closely, you can see the Bat-badge and cowl line. Also notice where the bat-ears should be and how they’re lobbed off. The alternate Flash also comes with four attachable lightning accessories and a base. You can pre-order it here.


Supergirl comes with alternate hands- fists and opened hands- as well as a transparent flying base. This version of Kara has her costume based on the Man of Steel version of Superman, complete with the stylized-S symbol and textured suit.

Interestingly, McFarlane Toys gave her a molded rubber cape, as opposed to the Batman figures with cloth capes. This is probably because the Batman figures’ cloth capes allow you to put them in the Batmobile or Batwing, but Supergirl would not need that. You can pre-order her here.

All of the McFarlane Toys are expected to drop in stores within the next month or two in time for the movie.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of McFarlane Toys

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