McFarlane Toy’s Batman Statue Gives Best Look at ‘The Flash’ Bat-Suit

Concept art of Michael Keaton's Batman and Ezra Miller's Flash

McFarlane Toys have released images of their Batman statue from The Flash, giving fans the most detailed look at the modified Bat-suit.

The statue stands at 12 inches tall and is made of PVC. McFarlane Toys placed the statue on their website and even provided a handy 360-angle video so we can check out every detail of Michael Keaton’s new uniform.


‘You want to be able to turn your head.”

Previously, we judged Keaton’s new costume based on a leaked promotional image. However, we were not able to see the back of the cowl. Here, it looks like it’s scalloped, which is reminiscent of the original versions that Michael Keaton wore in Batman and Batman Returns.  

Upon close inspection, it seems like the it’s also separate from the cape. This small deviation is important. Previously, the Bat-suits attached the cowl directly to Batman’s cloak. Since the cape itself was very heavy, it also severely restricted the actors’ ability to turn their  heads. Now that it looks like the cowl is separate and the cape is attached to the collar of the suit, Keaton will most likely have much more freedom of movement.

The Cape

Other details that we’ve noticed on the McFarlane Toys statue: the cape has a leathery pattern to it, just like in the original Keaton movies. Initially, the designers did this to evoke bat wings, unfortunately, as time went on, future filmmakers decided to forgo that detail and in favor of a more utilitarian look. In our previous rundown of the suit, we incorrectly assumed that the cape material was not leather, but we’re thrilled to be wrong in our initial assessment!

Spoilers for ‘The Flash’

Interestingly, the statue description gives a brief summary of Keaton’s Batman character for The Flash film. However, the summary actually give some moderate spoilers for the movie. If you want to come into the movie fresh and spoiler-free, then skip this next paragraph.


When Barry Allen arrives in an alternate 2013, he urgently seeks out the expertise of his friend and mentor Bruce Wayne – but the one he finds in the Multiverse is different on all fronts: older, long-retired from service as Gotham City’s protector and somehow even more hardened than the billionaire superhero Barry has grown to know. With a global threat on the horizon, Bruce Wayne must decide whether he can become Batman once more.

There are so many different questions that are raised about this synopsis but we won’t get any clear answers until we watch The Flash.

Both the Batman statue and accompanying Flash statues are available for pre-order here and here. McFarlane Toys did not give a formal release yet, but it is expected to arrive in the 2nd Quarter of 2023.

The Flash hits theaters in North America on June 16, 2023.


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