Review: Batman Incorporated #5

“No More Teachers” – Conclusion
Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: John Timms

Color Artist: Rex Lokus
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Review by James Attias

Batman Incorporated #5 brings our heroes face to face with people who look like heroes but are actually villains. Or are they? Here’s my review!

If You Kill A Killer

So we’ve finally been given as many answers as we’re probably going to get. The conclusion to the “No More Teachers” story is here, and motives are all being revealed.

Last issue, an opposing (though I’m even tempted to say evil) version of Batman Inc. had all of our heroes cornered or captured. Phantom-One was goading Clownhunter to kill his mentor, Ghost-Maker was wounded, but not enough that he couldn’t give a speech to try and turn the tide.

This storyline started really strong. Who could possibly possess the skill and lethal expertise to be able to murder the teachers of both Batman AND Ghost-Maker? I was slightly worried as the story progressed that it was a bit of a rehash of “A Death in the Family” and “Under the Red Hood”. A former sidekick killed in action comes back to punish the mentor who failed them? It turns out that this story is a bit of a mixed bag. Some parts made sense and were really exciting, but others felt more forced, so it wasn’t the smoothest saga to follow.

The art has been very consistent throughout this series so far. Most of it has been well drawn, easy on the eyes, and with great colors. Once again though, a few times things just didn’t quite add up. Can someone really punch through an energy force field so that it breaks like glass? I’m pretty sure that’s not how force fields work.

Under the Ghost-Hood 

There were a few exciting panels in this issue, that I’m sure we’ll return to later on in the series. I can’t give too much away but we almost saw under someone’s mask. A lot of the plot threads in this series lead back to everyone’s favorite bald Billionaire. Jeff B… um, no. LEX LUTHOR!

It seems like a lot of things happened during the 4-issue run when Lex was running Batman Inc. (in the story: “Abyss” in the main Batman title way back when) Maybe a little too much for my taste, but time in comic books is crazy. Damian Wayne was 10 for almost 9 years for goodness’ sake, so just go with it.


Batman Incorporated #5 gave us a little bit messy and also too convenient end to this series’ first chapter. I wonder if we’ll return to these events later in the run.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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