Review: Batman: Beyond The White Knight #8

“Batman: Beyond The White Knight” – Book Eight
Writer/Artist: Sean Murphy
Color Artist: Dave Stewart
Letterer: AndWorld Design
Review by James Attias

Batman: Beyond The White Knight #8 features the Bat Family Vs Powers and The GTO. It’s an explosion-filled battle that will have you on the edge of your seat, from start to finish.

Batman Beyond 

Last issue, we saw the team unite to take the battle to the Evil Derek Powers. Well, this issue is the payoff. Get ready for multiple meta references to Batman, from TV and film, not to mention Sean Murphy’s love of the Timm-verse Animated shows.

By now we all know the White Knight universe came from Sean Murphy’s immense writing and drawing talent and his love of Batman animated shows and movies. This is clear from the cars we see, the characters involved, and subtle dialogue nods dropped in from time to time. This book is a love letter to Bat fans.

We finally see the big finale that’s been building for the whole series, with Bruce, Terry, Harley, and Jack Napier’s digital ghost teaming up with the rest of the Bat Family to finally bring down the evil Derek Powers and the now corrupt GTO.

This is a coordinated Batman-planned strike. You’ve got Bat planes, Bat boats, Bat bikes and the trusty old ’89 Batmobile. Of course, you know how it goes in Gotham; will everyone stick to the plan? Will Harley and Jack find Jacky in time? Will Terry, Batman Beyond, McGinnis break the original dark Knight’s one rule and kill the man who murdered his father? Will Jason and Dick ever get along? That’s what I loved about this book, so many threads that read so well.

The art and writing in this series have been perfect, it really goes to show that consistency of writers and artists (in this case the same guy doing both) makes a huge difference, as changing up the artist midway through a series can really take you out of the experience. Also, shout out to the lettering this issue. When Terry says the word, Batman… chills. Literal chills. Bravo!

What could possibly top this?

So this was the finale of Batman: Beyond The White Knight, and we’re also treated to a HUGE teaser for the next few stories that will follow… which I can’t reveal without giving the game away. So, instead, I will allude to the teases with cryptic clues and riddles. Batman The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, [SPOILER], and finally [SPOILER]. The design for [SPOILER]’s outfits were all very interesting, so I can’t wait to see more.

I’ve said too much!


Batman: Beyond The White Knight #8 delivers the perfect end to another amazing series. I can’t wait to buy this one in hardback to add to the collection.

Review Written In Loving Memory of Kevin Conroy. Always Our Batman.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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