New DC Multiverse Figures From McFarlane Toys.

by Louise Dempsey
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McFarlane Toys have released new pieces based on the DC Multiverse, including various Batman figures, The Riddler, The Signal, and more.


In this alternate Universe, Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne survived their deadly encounter in Crime Alley years ago, but their young son Bruce was killed instead. Driven by the death of his son, Thomas became Batman—though, this Dark Knight is far deadlier and more ruthless than the vigilante hero his son would have become.

Batman is featured in his Earth-2 look from BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT and comes with a Batarang and base on which to display the figure.


After building a new War Moon to host his gladiatorial battles, Mongul captured and imprisoned the Justice League. Mongul then forced Hiro Okamura, also known as the Toyman, to create a group of robots to combat the League, each specifically designed to exploit their weaknesses. Unbeknownst to Mongul, Toyman built a fail-safe trigger that merges them into a single, massive mech robot. Batman discovered the trigger and the Justice League escaped War Moon in the newly formed Fulcum Abominus.

Fulcum Abominus is based on his look in Dark Nights: Metal and includes detachable wing blades and a base. This figure is a 10″ Megafig. Megafigs are large figures to match their 7” scale figure counterparts based on the DC Multiverse.


When Batman vanished for a time, Duke took up with a youth movement inspired to become Robin in his absence. This “We Are Robin” group was short-lived, but Duke made an impression on Batman once the hero returned to Gotham City.  He made Duke his latest partner but promised him a different destiny than previous Robins. Making good on his promise, Batman gave Duke a new costume and code name, and Duke became known as the Signal.

Unlike most of Batman’s Gotham City allies, Duke has discovered he is a metahuman, with light-sensory powers in his eyes. Now he’s uniquely positioned to defend his city in a way that’s utterly unlike any other member of the Batman Family.

Duke Thomas is featured in The Signal costume and comes with 2 Kamas and a base.


Trapped on Mongul’s planet Warworld, the remaining members of the Justice League have been bound by special armor that strips them of their powers. They are forced to fight any monster, machine, or abomination that Mongul can throw at them in his Gladiatorial arena. Each Machine they were pitted against is built to counteract their skill set; however, Batman forever the detective, realized that inside his opponent’s mouth was a button bearing his symbol.

The Toymaker, a captive of Mongul, had created the machines with a fail-safe. When pressed the machine absorbs their respective Justice League member and conjoins the machines into a massive mech piloted by the Members. Batman had discovered Toy Maker’s true intentions and clues to help them and trick Mongul out of his show.

Gladiator Batman is featured in his look from Dark Nights: Metal and comes with a battle axe and base.


A skilled engineer and intellectual genius, Edward Nigma’s need for attention and delusions of grandeur made him obsessed with creating the perfect riddle that even Batman could not solve. However, Batman is a worthy opponent, and Nigma was convinced he was a cheater- for who could be even more brilliant than himself? His clues and riddles became increasingly unfair, dangerous, and outlandish as he was determined to beat the Dark Knight by any means.

The Riddler is featured in his look from Batman: Arkham City and includes a large cane and base.


On Earth-22, over the last decade, many of the Super Heroes we know and love have sequestered themselves to their own areas of isolation, plunging the world into a chaotic power struggle amongst metahumans. Bruce Wayne, however, continues to operate in his Batcave, creating a militia of robots to monitor and maintain order in Gotham City. To suppress the forces Superman and the Super Heroes are amassing upon their return, he joins forces with Lex Luthor to create an army of their own, but Bruce always knows his allies’ and enemies’ true intentions, and when Luthor turns Billy Batson into a weapon, Bruce is there with his forces to aid in the fight.

Armored Batman is featured in his look from Kingdom Come and comes with articulated wings and a base.

All of the figures are designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for a full range of posing and play and come included with a collectible art card with figure photography on the front, and character biography on the back.

Other new DC Multiverse releases include Kalibak (Darkseid War), The Flash Jay Garrick (The Flash Age), Kon EL Superboy, and Blue Lantern Kyle Rayner which is part of the Gold Label collection.

All of the figures are available for pre-order from various retailers, including Amazon, Entertainment Earth, Target, and McFarlane Toy Store. The figures are due to be released in March 2023.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of McFarlane Toys

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