Review: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #61-#65

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #61-#65
CRC Payne – Creator
Rhett Bloom (StarBite) – Creator
Review by Marsha Reilly

We’re starting the new year off with some Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, which are always cute and fun. A chapter is released every Thursday on WebToon, and they’re the perfect five minute break we all need during the day. 

Don’t Call Him ‘Little’ To His Face

We pick up from where we left off as Harper talks to her brother Cullen about what’s on her mind. Stopping the bad guys doesn’t seem to be stopping them and she’s started to lose her faith a little bit, but her brother reminds her that she’s not alone anymore, and that she doesn’t need to save Gotham by herself.

Harper rounds Cass and Steph up to help teach the people of Gotham to be their own hero. Steph also steps in to help Tim after a mission goes wrong because Damian isn’t good at following orders or having patience. The Robins sit down together and have a very long-awaited talk and leave as brothers again. Everything’s happy again in the Bat Family.

There are even more characters introduced in these chapters too! Other than Cullen, we meet Mari Jiwe (Vixen) who also has her own WebToon series Vixen: NYC, and Grace Choi carrying a ‘feral child’ that is Damian Wayne. Helena Bertinelli (Huntress) helps Nightwing out on a mission that she isn’t looking forward to, so they swap weapons to make taking down smugglers a bit more fun. Ah, the life of a vigilante. Since she’s used to a crossbow, seeing him use his escrima as long range weapons is a bit… surprising.


Tim and Damian have always had a bit of a strange dynamic, which finally gets spoken about in the latest chapter. Tim chose to be a hero, while Damian was raised to be a weapon and dropped at his fathers home. The Robins talk about these differences in their very different upbringings, and how they each felt that they were on a pedestal for different reasons. Competing for their place in the family. I think it was great to see them talk about these things, how their lives changed so drastically in just one day. Hopefully, we’ll see the two interact more often from now on. I can’t wait to see what comes our way next.

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