Review: Titans United: Bloodpact #4

Writer: Cavan Scott
Artist: Lucas Meyer

Color Artist: Tony Aviña
Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual
Review by James Attias

Titans United: Bloodpact #4 brings the rest of the team into the warped reality! Will they be on the side of the angels, or allied with demons?

Bird, Plane, Clone?

The latest season of Titans is in full swing on HBO Max and this comic now makes a lot more sense. The latest issue finally shows us Superboy’s origin with his sole parent Lex Luthor. In this warped reality, Lex is a hero and Connor never left Cadmus. They’re both fighting against the Cult of Raven as part of a resistance movement, but saving people makes you visible and a target. Will team LexCon make it out alive?

Now that we’ve seen the first few episodes of the show, seeing characters in this issue, like Lex Luthor and Jinx, and Mother Mayhem as a big bad, makes a lot more sense.

The rest of the issue takes us to a few more members of the Titans. It’s always fun seeing how other characters have been living in an alternate reality. We also see Starfire trying to come to terms with her actions during her brain-warped life as a Confessor General. She’s struggling as she was quite the enforcer for the Raven/Blood Regime where she took many lives. Although a constantly flirty Nightwing seems to be comforting her and when I say constantly flirting, I’m talking like a horny teenager. Seriously Richard, control yourself!

Absentee Brother

Something I’ve noticed about this series so far is a distinct lack of Brother Blood, who’s meant to be the villain of the piece, both here and in the TV show. Although, the comic may be holding off on his heinous reveal until the show has finished with his origin. It’s safe to assume Raven, a Titan, and a hero won’t be the big bad of this series… isn’t it? Only time will tell, but I’m looking forward to getting to the big (bad) reveal.

The art in this issue was, once again, magnificent. I’m really loving the visuals in this series and seeing the strange alternate-reality versions of these classic characters is wonderful. It makes me want to see the regular versions again even more now!

The writing in this issue did take a misstep for the first time in this series. There were a few words missing here and there in our early review copy, which made it feel like it was written and sent out in a rush. I won’t let that dissuade me from loving the series, as long as the next issue we’re back to grammatical tranquility.


Titans United: Bloodpact #4 is another beautiful issue that’s both fun to read and furthers the plot. It does exactly what you’d hope. This series feels like a must-read for all Titans fans!

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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