Sideshow Collectibles Release Hawkman 1:10 Scale Statue by Iron Studios

Sideshow Collectibles and Iron Studios have released a Hawkman 1:10 scale statue that features Hawkman from the Black Adam movie.

With his big gold and red wings, opening from his suit, formed by multiple bars that simulate his feathers protecting him and allowing him to fly at high speed, the winged champion of justice takes flight propelled by his armor built with using the Nth metal, a rare and exotic mineral that allows his suit to defy gravity.

Wielding a spiked mace endowed with the nth force for missions, capable of weakening his foes without actually killing them, and bringing a golden shield in his left arm with his symbol in the shape of a bird of prey’s head in the center. As a complement to his uniform, he owns a winged helmet with golden textures all around that, besides protecting him also maintains his identity.

Over a diorama pedestal where ancient Egyptian ruins connect to metallic platforms, Sideshow and Iron Studios present the statue Hawkman 1:10 Scale Statue with the noble and experienced leader of the Justice Society in the DC Extended Universe. Living like a reincarnation of an Egyptian prince named Khufu, Carter Hall acts as the vigilante hero Hawkman, inflicting terror on his enemies and willing to protect people’s lives at any cost, regardless of the wickedness of the person.

A hero with a serious character and a strong sense of morality that, in the past, alongside the powerful sorcerer known as Dr. Fate and the hero called Atom, founded the Justice Society, a group of heroes created to defend the world. The group broke up for unknown reasons following separate paths, whilst Hawkman kept his work as a vigilante while also acting as an archaeologist and museum curator, Hall predicted an imminent threat with the help of an artifact in the St. Roch Museum, thus seeing the need to reactivate his old group.

Gathering recruits, like the young hero Cyclone and the nephew of his old ally Atom, known as the Atom Smasher, Carter fulfilled his destiny by forming the Justice Society again with his old friend Kent Nelson, Dr. Fate. Instilling years of knowledge and experience in the younger members, Hawkman fights to protect global stability, and he won’t let anyone, not even the powerful Black Adam, stop him from reaching his goal.

The Hawkman 1:10 scale statue is crafted from Polystone, resin, metal, and fabric. The statue measures approximately -Height: 14.2″ (36.1 cm), Width: 13.4″ (34 cm), and Depth: 8.15″ (20.7 cm). Each piece is priced at $290/£243.48 and is expected to ship between October 2023 and December 2023.

The Hawkman 1:10 scale statue is now available to pre-order from Sideshow Collectibles.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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