Colin Farrell Teases Opening Scene From HBO Penguin Spin-Off TV Show

Penguin actor Colin Farrell has gone into a little detail about the initial scene of the upcoming The Batman spin-off TV series.

In an interview with ExtraTV, Farrell teased how the Penguin show begins.

The show apparently takes place soon after the events of The Batman. The ending of the film submerged most of Gotham City underwater, thanks to the Riddler’s schemes. The Penguin spin-off opens with Oswald reacting to the flooding of the city.

It starts about a week after the The Batman film ends [sic]. So Gotham is still somewhat underwater and… I read the first script to the first episode and it opens up with my feet splashing through the water in Falcone’s office. Which even that alone, I read that and I was like, “Oh Jesus. It’s lovely. It’s so well-written”

Colin Farrell also took time to gush about the show-runner Lauren LeFranc.

[Show-runner] Lauren LeFranc has done an extraordinary job. She’s writing the whole thing and show-running. She’s formidable and it’s just an exciting prospect, because I love that character. I was greedy because I felt like I didn’t have enough and I wanted more and more and more, so now I get the chance.

It sounds like viewers will see a bit of the immediate aftermath of Gotham’s flooding.  It’s exciting to see the spin-off pick up so soon after The Batman. Hopefully, we’ll also get to see some more world-building in the show.

To check out the whole interview, click here.


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