‘Nightwing’ Leads Eisner Awards Nominations

Tom Taylor’s run on Nightwing leads the Eisner awards with a whopping five nominations, including Best Continuing Series.

The Eisner is an award that celebrates the comic industry’s best talents and stories. However Taylor and artist Bruno Redondo’s run on Nightwing leads the pack with nominations. The acclaimed series is nominated for “Best Continuing Series”, “Best Single Issue” for Nightwing #87, “Best Lettering” for West Abbott, “Best Penciller/ Inker” and “Best Cover Artist” for Redondo.

This is amazing news for such a great series. A special shout-out goes to Nightwing #87, where they somehow created a narrative across one single, continuous image. The series is a great example of a writing and artistic team vibing so well together. Just check out all of the glowing reviews our DKN review team gives the title on a regular basis!

Also, check out the complete list of Eisner nominations here.

Other DC-related nominees include Superman: Red & Blue, Green Arrow 80th Anniversary Special, Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazon, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, The Human Target, and Webtoon’s Batman: Wayne Family Adventures.

Nightwing has already won big at other fan awards, including CBR‘s top series of 2021 (with a quote from Dark Knight News editor-in-chief, Steve J. Ray) and with our sister site, DC Comics News.

San Diego Comic-Con will announce the Eisner Awards winners on July 22nd.

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