DCeased: War Of The Undead Gods Art, Cover, And Trailer Released

DC Entertainment has unveiled the title, some art, covers, and even a trailer for the third and final volume of Tom Taylor’s zombie epic; DCeased: War Of The Undead Gods.

“Wait, the third volume?”, I hear you ask, but we’ve already had four series/collections, with DCeased, DCeased: Unkillables, DCeased: Hope At World’s End, and DCeased: Dead Planet. I had similar thoughts, but I have conversed with Mr. Taylor and DC Publicity, who kindly explained it all.

The original DCeased series, Unkillables, and Hope At World’s End comprise volume one, Dead Planet is volume two, and War Of The Undead Gods completes the trilogy.

I have also been assured that the final collected edition will match it’s four predecessor to create a gorgeous five book collection.

Check out the full announcement:

DCeased: War of the Undead Gods
DC’s Super Heroes Face An Undead Darkseid
in the Final Chapter of the Fan-Favorite Series!

Available at Comic Book Stores and
Participating Digital Platforms Tuesday, August 9

From the original DCeased, DCeased: Unkillables, DCeased: Hope at World’s End, to DCeased: Dead Planet, acclaimed writer Tom Taylor turned the DCU upside down, combining horror, heroism, and hope in the face of Armageddon.

Now Taylor and original DCeased and Dead Planet artist, Trevor Hairsine, reunite for the last chapter in this fan-favorite franchise, DCeased: War of the Undead Gods. This eight-issue monthly limited series arrives in comic book stores and participating digital platforms on Tuesday, August 9.

What began as a battle for Earth has become a war for the galaxy! The emergence of a reborn, undead Darkseid in DCeased: Dead Planet sets the stage for the most devastating conflict yet for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman! As the Anti-Life Equation spreads into the cosmos, the survivors of Earth prepare for the coming apocalypse and realize their only hope could lie in the most powerful surviving hero from the first series.

Like the previous DCeased tales, War of the Undead Gods will feature more than just breathtaking art from Trevor Hairsine, it will also give fans an incredible collection of cover art from some of comics’ best talents. In addition to the card stock main cover from Hairsine, the debut issue will also feature a card stock homage variant cover by Dan Mora (Detective Comics, Batman/Superman: World’s Finest) a card stock acetate variant cover by Kael Ngu, a 1 in 25 ratio “horror” variant cover by DCeased mainstay Francesco Mattina, a 1 in 50 ratio variant cover by Sun Khamunaki, and a 1 in 100 card stock “virgin” homage ratio variant cover of Dan Mora’s art.

The variant covers for issues #1 – #4 by Mora connect to form a larger homage image of one of the best-selling comics of all time. Check your local comic book store for availability and pre-ordering details.

The DC UNIVERSE INFINITE digital subscription platform hosts the complete selection of all titles in the DCeased franchise and is the perfect source for catching up on the series DCeased series before War of the Undead Gods debuts in August. For more information and a free trial, check out the website at www.dcuniverseinfinite.com.

If all that hasn’t got you excited enough you must be dead inside! So, here’s the trailer, to rattle your bones. Whatever else may be said about this series, it really looks dead good!

Images, Video Content, and Press Release Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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