The Batman: “Kiss From A Bat” On Honest Theme Songs

The funny people at the Screen Junkies Youtube channel have trained their spy glasses on The Batman and the result is comedy gold with “Kiss From a Bat”!

Team Wayne!

If a childhood full of Weird Al has taught me anything its that the more serious and intense the movie, the better the parody! The writers and performers at Screen Junkies are masters of pointing out the silly and they nail every observation. From the Riddler’s impractical costume to Batman’s tortured emo phrase, they leave no potential joke on the table with “Kiss From a Bat.”

Na na na, na na na… Kiss From A Bat

Based on Seal’s mid-90’s masterpiece “Kiss From a Rose”, which also served as the theme song for Batman Forever, “Kiss From a Bat” features a Riddler hopelessly enamored by Edward Pattinson’s chiseled yet pouty jawline. The singing and acting feature laugh-out-loud callbacks to numerous Batman stories while focusing most of its energy on poking fun at everyone and everything involved with The Batman.

I could go into full video break-down mode but I really don’t want to spoil a single gag. If anyone is having a bad day I guarantee that this song and video will put a smile on your face!

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