Paul Dano to Pen ‘Riddler: Year One’ Series

Riddler actor Paul Dano is set to write a Riddler: Year One mini-series for DC Comics.

One of the most chilling, and slightly disturbing things about The Batman version of the Riddler is his origin story. However, the film only briefly alluded to his background. The new mini-series will fill in the details of how Edward Nashton became the villainous Riddler. Yes, that’s right. Fans will be getting a comic-book mini-series set as a prequel to The Batman, and not part of the official DCU canon.

Check out the official description released by DC Comics.

This series explores the background of how accountant Edward Nashton went from a simple Gotham City nobody to becoming Batman’s nemesis, setting them on a collision course in the blockbuster feature film.

Acclaimed European illustrator Stevan Subic will draw the comic. Previously Subic’s worked on other iconic characters, like Conan the Barbarian and Tarzan. Riddler: Year One will be the artist’s first DC Comics work. If you haven’t noticed from his Instagram, Subic’s art style has a dark, ultra-detailed aesthetic. One looks at his art and you can see how well that fits into The Batman‘s gritty visuals.

The bi-monthly miniseries will launch in October 2022 and run under DC’s Black Label line for mature readers.

Paul Dano and other Actors Who’ve Written Comics

The idea of Paul Dano writing a Riddler comic is genius, as he spent months prepping and getting into the dark headspace of the character for the role. So, it makes sense that he could write an intricate backstory for the Riddler.

This isn’t the first time a Bat-villain actor has written for the same character in the comics. Last year, Batman ReturnsDanny DeVito wrote a Penguin story for the Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant #1.

Riddler: Year One is set to hit comic shops in October this year.


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