Justice Gets An Upgrade With ‘DC Mech’

The Justice League is getting a major upgrade in DC Mech, a six-issue miniseries by Kenny Porter and artist Baldemar Rivas.

Inspired by Japanese mecha classics such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Robotech, and more, from the quickly growing genre, this will be something, unlike anything we’ve seen from DC before.

Porter told IGN in an interview:

DC Mech is inspired by my deep love of the DC Universe and the mecha genre. I grew up reading DC Comics and watching any anime that I could get my hands on that featured giant robots. I’ve been a fan of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise since middle school, and I wanted to create a world with Baldemar that completely restructured the world around augmented pilots instead of superheroes.

Porter added:

DC Comics and iconic series like Mobile Suit Gundam, Robotech, and Neon Genesis Evangelion all have these amazing stories, characters, and designs that work surprisingly well together. I wanted to write a story that got both the DC fan and the mecha fan in me excited, and I assure you, I went all out with both aspects.

When asked about redesigning DC’s beloved characters for this new technological world, Rivas answered:

I was approached with a wild idea by writer Kenny Porter and editor Dave Wieglosz. We got to work coming up with ideas immediately for DC Mech. We all wanted to write a love letter to the genre of Mecha anime and what we wanted to see, while fusing it with the DC Universe. I wanted to really immerse myself in the world and set each design apart with unique qualities. This is the most fulfilling creative project I’ve worked on yet and I am so excited to share it with DC and mech fans alike.

Rivas continued:

I put a lot of research into the functionality of each unique mech, how they enhance their specific pilot’s strengths and finding design elements that say something about each character as well. With the Bat Man mech for example, I wanted to design a sleek and dark mech with stealth capabilities while still including a wide range of gadgets which relate to human Batman’s famous tools and fighting skills. I want these mechs to feel at home in the DC Universe and introduce something new and exciting, but familiar.

Porter then teased:

The one thing that readers can expect from this story is that it’s a whole new version of the DC Universe. We aren’t holding anything back and we’re bringing fun new elements for long-time fans and new readers alike. You’re going to see beloved characters take on new roles and experience completely different relationships based on the trajectory this universe took. And I can’t wait for people to read it.

Although we have seen mecha in DC before (Batman Ninja for an epic fight), this will be on a completely different level and with much more focus being on the mech. What we’ve already seen of Batsy and Supes’ new designs also look amazing, especially alongside their giant mobile suits.

If the superheroes can’t save the day, the giant superhero machines will, right?

DC Mech #1 is scheduled to hit comic shops and digital storefronts on July 26, 2022.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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