Revolution Beauty Launches New DC Comics Make Up Collection

Revolution Beauty has launched two new makeup collections inspired by DC Comics. The “Mad Love” collection has a Joker and Harley Quinn vibe, while the “Dangerous Love” collection is inspired by Batman and Catwoman.

The “Mad Love” collection’s inspired by the Suicide Squad versions of The Joker and Harley Quinn. It consists of the Forever Flawless Shadow Palette, featuring 18 irresistible shades of bright mattes and shimmers. This bundle also features a creamy blusher quad including four seductive blush tones that will give you a natural, healthy radiance.

Finally, complete your Troublemaker look with the “Mad Love” Lipstick, in a muted red matte-finish lipstick for the perfect kissable pout. The collection comes in Suicide Squad-themed packaging with the Joker and Harley Suicide Squad logos.

Some of the colors in the palette have hearts embossed in the eyeshadows.

The “Dangerous Love” collection is inspired by the comic book versions of Batman and Catwoman. It consists of the “Dangerous Love Forever” Flawless Shadow Palette, featuring 18 irresistible shades of nude mattes and shimmers. This bundle also features a powder highlighter quad including four high-shimmer tones for a glow that lasts all night.

Finally, complete your look with the “Dangerous Love” Lip Kit, including lipstick, lip gloss, and lipliner in a soft pink-nude shade. The matte shades in the palette have the iconic Batman symbol embossed in the eyeshadows.

The collection comes in Batman and Catwoman comic-book-themed packaging.

I absolutely adore this collection and have ordered everything. I love all of the shades in both of the collections and I like the fact that the Joker and Harley palette has brighter and bolder shades. I prefer the comic packaging for the Dangerous Love collection and feel it would have been better if the Joker and Harley collection had a similar style, as the Suicide Squad logos were used in Revolution’s previous DC Comics collection.

I really hope that Revolution continues to release DC Comics-inspired makeup and I think it would be nice to see them use other Batman characters such as Poison Ivy, The Riddler, or maybe even a Superman/Supergirl set.

Both collections are now available to order from the Revolution Beauty website. The previous DC Comics collection is also still available to order.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of Revolution Makeup

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