New The Batman Clothing From Spiral

Online retailer SpiralDirect is now offering clothing based on designs and images from The Batman.

Looking fine

Ever since I wasted thirty bucks on a lame Aquaman T-shirt from Urban Outfitters back in my younger days, I’ve tried my best to be a more discerning consumer of Comic merchandise. Luckily, some of these offering from Spiral look like worthy purchases as excitement for the debut of The Batman reaches a fever pitch.

Speaking of pitches…

This 100% polyester “footie” jersey looks like a great find for the more athletically inclined fan or even those whose internal engines just run a little hot in the summer. I especially love the graphics of the flowing cape on the back. This is definitely one I might purchase for working out at the track or just hanging on the patio upon a summer evening.


Officially Licensed Football Style T-Shirt from Warner Bros. DC Comics. The Dark Knight’s gothic outfit takes on a more brutal, distressed look, with highly detailed bat logo on the chest and a flowing cape down the back.


Sustainable Football Shirts is made of 100% Recycled Polyester, Jersey using recycled plastics from the ocean.

Vengence keeps me warm

Though with winter still holding the world in its icy grip, perhaps this hoodie flashing The Batman logo might be more appropriate? Its ideal for fans and those of us still trying to shed some chunkiness after the holidays.

Official Licensed Product from the Warner Bros. DC Universe. The strong red is echoed on the chest print, with the bat logo highlighted amongst grey block lettering.

These, and other great examples of high fashion are now available!

Images and press release courtesy of Spiral

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