DC FanDome Releases New ‘The Batman’ Trailer

DC FanDome unleashed the latest trailer of The Batman, shining a spotlight on the film’s main cast. The new trailer shows a lot of never-before-seen footage of Matt Reeves’ upcoming movie.

Lets take a look, then break it down based on the characters, shall we?

The Riddler

The preview opens up with Paul Dano’s Riddler getting arrested in a police raid at a diner. However, there’s a good chance that this is all a part of the villain’s plan. He even had time to make a question mark in his coffee.

Interestingly, we never get a clear view of Dano’s full face. It’s always cut off from the camera or masked in a blurry television. As stated before, Dano’s Riddler heavily borrows from the real-life Zodiac Killer with the ski mask, parka look. Also like the notorious murderer, his riddles look hastily written, on either a floor or a piece of paper.

The Penguin

Surprisingly, the trailer shows an awful lot of Colin Farrell’s Penguin, particularly after the actor’s initial reports made it sound like he was barely in the movie. His role certainly seems meaty in the preview, as he appears to be an established crime figure being pursued by Batman. He also has the most convincing make-up job in the film. Farrell looks unrecognizable in the get-up, prosthetics, fake nose, and wig.

The Penguin also has probably the biggest scene in the new trailer. He’s being chased by the Batmobile and a flaming truck implies that he blew up the iconic vehicle. As the Penguin joyously screams, “I got you!” the Batmobile roars out of the flames and hits the Penguin’s ride. Now flipped on its roof, Cobblepot sees a hazy silhouette of Batman walking towards him- cape flying in the wind- with a fiery inferno behind him. Epic.


The previous trailer did give a few, short glimpses at Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman/ Selina Kyle character. However, thisone confirms that The Batman‘s Catwoman is very similar to the traditional comic book version. She tempts Batman on the rooftop, asking “Maybe we’re not so different. Who are you under there?” before she leaps of the building edge.

We also get a few teases of Selina’s various looks. She appears to have short hair, but several shots also reveal she’ll also be wearing wigs with longer locks too. Perhaps she’s in the middle of a con?

The Batman

Finally, we see a ton of Robert Pattinson’s Batman. If nothing else, he looks intense. His fighting style is on full-display here, as he battles a group of gang members and mobsters with killer precision. It also maybe the most fluid Batman action sequence since the warehouse scene from Batman V Superman. However, this Batman seems even more vicious in his fighting style.

Viewers get a couple of scenes that are reminiscent of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. In one part, he’s in a prison visitor booth where he yells, “What have you done!?” and punches the glass. This is not unlike the famous Joker interrogation scene from The Dark Knight.

Another scene depicts Batman rampaging down a darkened hallway, where he’s only lit up by the machine gun fire, similar to another scene in The Dark Knight Rises.

Speaking of the hallway scene, it appears that Batman has super bulletproof armor. He takes machine gun fire without being slowed down. What kind of armor is that?! He shrugs off gunfire like Superman there.

There is one more interesting shot of Batman talking to Catwoman too. She warns him how things will get worse for him before his eyes turn totally white. Is Batman rolling his eyes back? Or does he have some sort of special vision mode for his cowl?

The Batman hits theaters exclusively on March 4, 2022.

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