Michael Keaton Still Fits In His Batman Suit

After 30 Years, Michael Keaton reveals that he still fits into his Batman suit.

Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Michael Keaton revealed he can still fit into his Batsuit after 30 years. After Colbert hinted that they may have had to let the suit out a little, Keaton instantly came back with “Svelte as ever” in the charm that only Michael Keaton has. After mentioning how much he loved Will Arnett’s incarnation as Lego Batman, Michael Keaton cracked wise about how many Batmen there have been:

I don’t know how many there are? Like 77 Batmans. They probably should form their own union.

It sounds like Michael Keaton has come around during his time as Batman and is really enjoying himself at this stage of his life. He’s previously said how shockingly normal it was to put the suit back on (though I wonder if they’ve improved the neck movement in his version of the costume). One has to wonder if, at 70, the former and once again Batman will be able to pull off the action that may be required of him in The Flash. Thinking back to his previous two turns as The Dark Knight, those films were light on action compared to the superhero movies we’ve come to know in the modern era.

In his recent movie, Protégé, he gets (or at least his stunt double) into some action, so it’s safe to say Michael Keaton still has what it takes to play Bruce Wayne/Batman. What do you think, will Keaton be able to hang with the modern-day superheroes in The Flash? Let us know in the comments below!

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Source: ComicBook.com

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