Batman To Leave Gotham City In DC’s 2022 ‘Shadows Of The Bat’ Event

Batman has been the protector of Gotham City for over 80 years, but for the upcoming 2022 DC event “Shadows of The Bat”, the Dark Knight will be stepping away from his hometown and letting his family and allies to keep his beloved city safe.

Earlier this year, Bruce Wayne was forced to hand his family fortune and businesses over, after “The Joker War”, so losing Batman for any amount of time may just mean hitting rock bottom for the rest of Bat-Family, as well as Gotham City. His absence will be a lasting effect of the Fear State event. The description for Batman: Fear State: Omega says:

As Gotham’s Fear State comes to a close, a new day dawns on the city… one without Batman. But the Dark Knight’s absence does not mean the city is without heroes. Join James Tynion IV and Riccardo Federici as they bring “Fear State” to its conclusion and introduce a new status quo that will reverberate throughout the DCU for years to come.

The recently announced Robins series may play a part of everything since the brothers will need to band together to fill some very large Bat-boots, though this won’t be the first time for some of them. This is said to set up another major DC event, “Shadows Of The Bat”, which will see its first chapter released the same day as Batman: Fear State: Omega #1 as well as Detective Comics 2021 Annual #1, on November 30th.

While the Robins are trying to fill their father’s shoes, Gotham will be busy looking to find somewhere else to house their criminally insane, settling on Arkham Tower. According to the description for Detective Comics 2021 Annual #1, Batman and Nightwing will be at odds about the role Arkham needs to play in the city.

We’re looking forward to seeing what these new releases have in store for us, it will be strange not having Batman in Gotham though.

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