Dougray Scott Not Returning for Batwoman Season 3

Veteran actor, and original cast member, Dougray Scott will not be returning for Season 3 of the Arrowverse series Batwoman.

Auf Wiedersehen

Scott played Jacob Kane for the first two seasons of Batwoman, serving as commander of the Crows private security force and patriarch of the volatile Kane family. The season two finale saw Jacob disband the Crows and land himself in prison trying to aide his estranged daughter Beth “Alice” Kane escape justice for her nefarious deeds. On the other hand, he did get a chance to reconcile with his other daughter Kate and apologize for constantly trying to fill her Batwoman persona with bullets. This provided a fit opportunity to wrap up Jacob’s story arc, per showrunner Caroline Dries:

The character obviously had a really intense story line. The story was just lending itself of wrapping up the Crows because we took such a hard stance against police brutality this season and really used the Crows to represent the metaphor of that. For us, the story could really only end to Ryan’s satisfaction [if the Crows were] shut down completely. To us, there was no version of the Crows that could exist that felt okay; that felt like a compromise.

Once we kind of made that decision – and obviously Kate isn’t staying on the show – the character of Jacob had sort of run its course, for better or for worse, through that story line. So it worked out that it was mutual [with Scott]. We ended up being able to really write to a good ending for Jacob, just kind of knowing in advance that’s what we were going to do. I’m very pleased with how that story line worked out for him. It allowed us to give Dougray some really rich stuff toward the end.

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Although Dougray Scott will not be returning to Batwoman for season 3, his character could make a return in the future, should the story call for it. Plenty of TV characters have had their stories end with much less satisfying conclusions. Let’s end with some words of praise for Scott from Dries:

Having Dougray Scott as Jacob Kane on Batwoman was incredibly special for all of us. An actor with his pedigree and reputation elevates any project, and he had great chemistry with his cast-mates. We loved telling Commander Kane’s story for the last two seasons, and we will always leave the door open to have him return. We wish him the very best!”

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