Joe Quinones Teases Batman ’89 Robin Appearance

Batman ’89 artist Joe Quinones has offered fans a sneak peek at the Batman ’89 Robin design in the upcoming comic series.

On Twitter, Quinones flashed an extreme close-up of Robin’s iconic ‘R’ logo, which implies that the Teen Wonder will appear in the Batman ’89 digital series.

The cropped shot does not offer much detail yet of what Robin’s suit will look like, but we can still infer a couple of things about the image. Notice the DIY-inspired sew job on the ‘R’ logo, implying that this version of the Robin uniform will be homemade and perhaps not an official part of the Bat-team.

For a better idea of what Robin may look like, we can check out Quinones’ old Batman ’89 pitch from 2015. On the epic poster, we can spot a Marlon Wayans’-inspired Robin in a mechanic jumpsuit. The outfit seen in the pinup matches up with the latest tease on Twitter.

As a bonus, Quinones also drew a more “official” looking Robin suit in a separate poster. One can only hope that the artist recycles this Robin costume design in Batman ’89. My favorite part is the belt buckle that resembles the rocket-tip nose of the Batmobile.

Marlon Wayans as Robin in the ‘Batman’ Movies

Long-time Bat-Fans know that Batman and Batman Returns both initially had Marlon Wayans as Robin in the script. For Batman Returns, Wayans even attended wardrobe fittings. However, eventually Robin was cut from both films due to having too many characters in them already. Furthermore, once the Batman sequels changed directors with Joel Schumacher, the original ideas were dropped.

Now Batman ’89 will explore those dropped story threads. So far we’ve already seen Batman Harvey Dent actor Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face, and that Harvey Bullock will be appearing. Now it seems like writer Sam Hamm and Quinones will resurrect Wayans as Robin, which is another cool idea.

Batman ’89 will debut digitally on July 27. DC will publish the series in print medium on August 10.


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